Behind closet doors: Rocky S
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Behind closet doors: Rocky S

The designer loves his shoes, jackets and blazers. His favourite place to shop: London, for its mix of vintage and street fashion

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Jul 16, 2016 10:54 IST
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Designer Rocky S(Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

The designer loves his shoes, jackets and blazers. His favourite place to shop: London, for its mix of vintage and street fashion

We walk into designer Rocky S’s plush, 15th Road, Bandra home. It’s a minimal bachelor pad. He is dressed down, wearing a simple blue shirt and a cardigan to match, paired with beige shorts. Rocky leads us down a spiral staircase to his walk-in wardrobe, which is connected to his spacious, predominantly black and white room (all the furniture and bed sheets are in those colours). His love for shoes is evident from the separate wardrobe dedicated to his collection. He says, “I’m not an accessories person,I’m a shoes person. I can’t do without great shoes. I think they make the man.”

STYLE SENSIBILITIES: “For me, style is all about my personality, something that I feel great wearing. It can be simple, extravagant, or something from the ramp. But, if I’m not comfortable it’s not stylish to me.”

CLOSET STAPLES: “I’m a black- and-white person. Eighty per cent of my wardrobe is black and white. I like to keep a mix of clothes because I am moody and dress accordingly. If I want to keep it casual or dress up, I should have the option. I have a mix of everything and keep a season in mind. I like to layer — so lots of jackets, bombers, blazers (from summer to winter collections). I am a shopaholic, and pick up items that may not even be for the season.”

Sunglasses from Armani, Prada reflectors (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

COLOUR WHEEL: “I’ve starting experimenting with colours — blue is the one colour I’ve added to my wardrobe over the last two seasons. Though you will definitely not see me in yellow.”

FAVOURITE DESIGNERS: “I love the philosophy of Giorgio Armani. His clothes are well-made, timeless and in colours I like: black, blues, ivory, beige and deep red. Even after 20 years, his pieces will still look wearable. His philosophy of clothing is that the finish from the inside is more important than how it looks on the outside.”

Gucci flap bag (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

FAVOURITE SHOPPING DESTINATION: “I love London. It’s expensive, but it has a good blend of vintage and street. People there don’t care about how you’re dressed or who you are wearing. It’s about you and your personal style.”

FAVOURITE STORES: “Armani & Hugo Boss are on top of my list for my formal night/evening wear. Zara is an all-time favourite. I like younger brands like Pull & Bear and Bershka. These brands know how to keep it young at heart yet be classic. My latest buy is a Zara printed shirt with butterflies on it.”

Rocky S’ collection of shoes (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

MOST LAVISH POSSESSIONS: “A Dolce & Gabbanna jacket Also, my Gucci bag, which was gifted to me, is one of my most lavish possessions.”

ACCESSORY TALK: “I like collecting scarves; I tend to pick them up from various places when I travel. They reflect the colour and culture of the city I am in.”

FASHION FAUX–PAS: You’re exploring different fashion every season — sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have never repeated the faux pas, so it’s okay.”

A colourful scarf from Dilli Haat (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

STYLE ICON:“David Beckham. His style is cool, and he dresses for the occasion. It can be funky, classy, grungy... He does it best.”

WARDROBE ATTACHMENT: “There are a few blazers from Hugo Boss and Armani that I’m attached to. Also, a nice suit from Vivienne Westwood — it’s timeless and works for all occasions.”

First Published: Jul 14, 2016 00:00 IST