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Curing acne the right way

Stop camouflaging acne with layers of makeup. What you need is a doctor to deal with the problem.

fashion and trends Updated: Dec 15, 2011 01:56 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
Hindustan Times

Stop camouflaging acne with layers of makeup. What you need is a doctor to deal with the problem.

When 19 year old California model Cassandra Bankson posted a video demonstrating how she deftly camouflages her severe acne with makeup, she had no idea that she was going to become the latest web star and her video will draw some two million viewers!

Bankson's amazing cover-up act may have been applauded by fans worldwide but is it a good idea to cover up acne under loads of make up? Would it not have been more helpful if someone shared tips on treating acne instead?

Experts opine that make-up can help flaunt a flawless complexion for a few hours but only at the cost of your skin's health.

"Acne, no matter how chronic or severe, can be cured, but hiding it under layers of makeup can cause more harm. A large number of adolescents, who have acne problem, don't know how to deal with it. Instead of camouflaging it with makeup, they must go to a doctor for treatment," says dermatologist Dr Deepti Dhillon, Appleskin Clinic.

Explaining how makeup can cause damage to pimple-affected skin, Dr Dhillon adds, "When you use makeup, not only the chances of the eruptions getting infected increase, but even the number of breakout doubles as you leave all your pores clogged."

What causes acne?
Acne is caused by internal factors. Experts advise proper medical intervention to cure acne rather than rushing to a beauty clinic.

"There could be genetic factors (the problem could be running in the family), hormonal imbalances, or reaction to a particular drug. Each type of acne requires different treatment and a beautician is not equipped to deal with that," says Dr Sachin Dhawan, dermatologist, Armetis Health Institute, Gurgaon.

Getting acne treated
Treatment begins with determining the cause, which could involve conducting medical tests, and oral and topical medication.

"For severe acne, oral medication goes up to a year. Medicines such as isotretinoin that help shrink the size of oil glands permanently or oral contraceptive pills in case of hormonal imbalances along with topical retinoids are given," says Dr Dhawan.

Once the acne starts subsiding, procedures such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion could prove helpful.

makeup vs medicines
Model Cassandra Bankson uses clever makeup tricks to conceal her severe acne.

However, experts opine that seeking medical intervention is a better idea as it can remove acne from the roots, whereas makeup only makes it worse.

Makeup leads to further infection and multiply breakouts

Incredible as it may sound, these pretty faces were once affected with acne. Actors Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz suffered from acne for years and finally got rid of it with medical treatment.

Dos and don'ts to fight acne
Don't rush to a beauty parlour. Go to accredited dermatologists as medical intervention is required.

Follow the treatment religiously and do no leave it in between.

Cut down on high calorie and junk food. Pizzas, burgers, French fries, chocolates, pastries and aerated drinks can trigger your acne.

Don't buy over the counter products that claim to cure acne as they may not have active ingredients that can penetrate the skin and fight acne. They may help acne subside for some time, but can't remove it.

Only use medicated products prescribed by your doctor. Never opt for self-medication.

Do not regularly go for home remedies such as applying Fuller's earth since it can trigger acne as it soaks up all the oil, and prompts your oil glands to produce more oil.

Apply papaya pulp and fresh aloe-vera gel as it helps reduce acne flare-up.

Avoid treatments such as steaming as it can further flare up acne.

Do not go for facials without consulting your doctor.