Designer Masaba Gupta’s guide to surviving the last few days of summer

Even as we pray for the monsoon to arrive, here’s Masaba Gupta’s guide to surviving the last few days of summer

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Make sure you keep a cool pair of sunglasses handy(Photo: Yogen Shah)

Even as we pray for the monsoon to arrive, here’s Masaba Gupta’s guide to surviving the last few days of summer.

Don’t pack away your flip flops, short hemlines and breezy fabrics yet. While the weather gods have spared us with the occasional drizzle, it’s still hot enough to make you think you’re stuck in April.

Fret not. Basic tank tops will come to your rescue. Wear them with jeans and quirky accessories or with floral skirts. Large patterns, and colours like bright pink, blue, and yellow are in this season. The easiest way to complement your wardrobe or indulge in a trend is with new blouses. Think puff sleeves, off-shoulder, graphic prints and kimono sleeves. They are super stylish, and you can pair them with various types of bottoms. If you’re more of a dress person though, play with cool wrap dresses, shirt dresses and jersey dresses.

Jacqueline Fernandez in a medium-brim hat (Photo: Yogen Shah)

Survival accessories

Before you go on your monsoon shopping spree, make sure you keep a cool pair of sunglasses handy. Always remember to go for shapes that work best for your face. Generally, Aviators, Wayfarers and square frames flatter most people.

We might think of hats as a very English accessory, but the temperature here gives us enough reason to sport them. Get yourself a chic hat with a medium brim (keep the larger brims for when you’re at the beach). I recommend soft colours like beige and white. The fedora is universally loved for being casual and easy-to-wear. To dress up a monochrome look, the more adventurous ones can go for a hat with small polka dots or checks.

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Another accessory I love and think more people should use is the hand fan. Get the incredibly stylish, vintage-looking ones that look like they are straight out of a Chinese film. Carry them around if you know you’re going to be out all day. Umbrellas, too, can save the day. Don’t reserve them for the rains only. Ask your friends from the south how practical umbrellas are in shielding you from the sun. Get them in with doodles, fun patterns and quotes on them — they can totally raise the quirk quotient of your outfit.

Don’t reserve umbrellas for the rains only, says Masaba Gupta

Now, those with long hair know the struggle of keeping your hair away from the face. It’s not only irritating in this weather, but also unsightly. A pair of embellished headbands with a tribal touch or a pair of scrunchies with trinkets will keep your hair in place.

Fashion Faux Pas

Now that we’ve covered the must-haves, let’s also look at what not to do. Wearing an on-point summery one-piece but in a synthetic fabric could be a disaster. Also, avoid heavy make-up. At 40 degrees, you’re going to regret it. Ditto for chunky jewellery that rubs against the skin. Keep it simple with delicate, dainty pieces. A personal pet peeve are shorts that are too short. Not only are they unflattering on most body types, they can easily look crass.

Gupta is a leading fashion designer. She tweets as @MasabaG

First Published: Jun 01, 2016 00:00 IST