French manicure at home

Here's how to do do a perfect french manicure at your place.

fashion and trends Updated: Oct 03, 2011 01:11 IST
Hindustan Times

Here's how to do do a perfect french manicure at your place:

1 Keep the manicure tools handy: Keep all the tools required for your French manicure by your side, you don’t want to be running here and there in the process of getting those ultra glam nails.

2 Prepare your nails: Begin the process by removing any traces of the old nail paint with a nail paint remover and file your nails in the desired shape.

3 Remove cuticles and moisturise: Dip your hands in warm water for about three minutes and remove cuticles using an orange stick. Wipe your hands and apply a hand cream and wipe them again.

4 Apply the paints: Apply the base coat first, let it dry and then use a translucent shade on your nails as it works best for French manicures. Then either draw a white line with the nail paint or go along with the natural line of your nails and apply the white nail varnish, let it dry.

5 Finishing touches: Go glamorous by applying a transparent coat of the nail varnish to give that shine to your nails, and you’ve got those beautiful nails.

First Published: Oct 02, 2011 18:34 IST