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Life under a pile of layers

Jaydeep Ghosh analyses the larger than life influence of fashion over the real life in urban cities.

fashion and trends Updated: Oct 13, 2008 14:07 IST

Layers are in fashion. Check any fashion show, you will see designers sending out models in layers of clothes on the ramp. There’s net layered over chiffon, duchess satin layered over voile, georgette over organza and velvet over silk. The layered look is the in thing. I have seen fashion- forward people wearing layers of clothes like a short skirt over a pair of skinny jeans, a shirt over a tee or, what I find the most hideous look, a pair of shorts over leggings. Yet, believe you me, layering is in vogue.

And why just clothes, layering is in with accessories too. Stacks of acrylic bangles, layers of beaded necklaces and even gold—white and yellow gold are now layered by jewellers. Layered haircuts are nothing new and layers of maquillage on the faces of women is something we all know about. It starts with the basic foundation or the concealer, then comes the rouge or blush and then comes something more to give a radiant look. I often wonder how these made-up dolls that I see at hip parties look below all those layers of make-up. In fact, I have a deep desire to do a photo-feature of the smooth-looking beauties by dropping in impromptu at their place and taking a picture when they have just walked out of the bed. By the way, I also know of guys who slyly apply concealer to hide blemishes or put on nude—coloured lipstick to conceal their dark smokers’ lips.

So one day, while witnessing layers and layers of clothes on the ramp, I started reflecting on fashion’s larger influence on life. If layers are in vogue in fashion, the lifestyles adopted by people also start having layers. I have been getting to see different shades of people at different occasions. Now take this incident — I recently met a fashion retailer who’s sugar and honey when you talk to him. But then one day I met him when he was down a few too many pegs and I saw a totally stark shade of him. He was sloshed and talking about things which many would never dare to with a scribe. He was brash, foul and uncouth. Probably something like a pimple-faced girl who hides it all under layers of pancake. Sad but true, the denizens of Delhi are infamous for putting up a facade. Be it the huge façade in front of their mansions or a facade hiding their own persona, facades are definitely there.

What would you say to a mother who gives interviews to magazines saying, “I am so involved with my new-born baby that nothing at all matters”, and in an unguarded moment says, “I didn’t want the kid but it’s okay. In the bargain, he (hubby) got me a 21-carat rock and a fancy car.” So fake! With fall, layered fashion will become more prevalent. My only fear is hope people don’t add more layers to their already layered persona.