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Locks, stock and barrel

You need not go to great lengths for healthy hair.
None | By Dr Shehla Agarwal
UPDATED ON MAR 05, 2011 11:23 PM IST

More than shampoos and conditioners, it is what you eat that makes your mop thick and shiny. Eggs, chicken and red meat are an excellent source of protein to prevent weakening and drying of strands. Poultry also contains iron, which is vital for a healthy scalp.
Iron, zinc and biotin in beans, nuts and lentils stops your locks from becoming brittle, causing split ends and breakages. Walnuts condition hair with their alpha-linolenic acid, while zinc found in cashews, peanuts and almonds prevents hair loss.
Oiling increases blood circulation in the scalp but does little to stop hair fall. Leaving oil overnight can cause acne, so ideally wash within half an hour.

Daily hair care
Use mousse, styling gel, and/or hair spray sparingly as styling aids can dull your hair. If you have oily hair, wash daily but concentrate the shampoo on the hair-ends. Rinse thoroughly and condition.

Colour-treated haircare
The worst thing that you can do to colour-treated hair is to straighten or perm it. If you must, wait for at least two weeks before colouring. Use a shampoo formulated for coloured hair and condition it, using extra on the ends.
Dr Agarwal is a dermatologist and director of Mehak Skin Clinic in Sarvodaya Enclave.

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