Hair oil is a good conditioner and also helps hydrate the scalp.(Photo: Shutterstock [For representational purpose only])
Hair oil is a good conditioner and also helps hydrate the scalp.(Photo: Shutterstock [For representational purpose only])

Monsoon man(e)ia: Get healthy hair at home in a jiffy!

Hair fall, breakage and frizziness are very common in the rainy season, but these problems can be put to rest by following a few simple home remedies.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Srinidhi Gopalakrishnan, New Delhi
UPDATED ON AUG 12, 2020 10:45 PM IST

Having lustrous locks is every girl’s dream, but maintaining it is every bit of a nightmare, especially in the monsoon. Frizziness, excessive breakage and hair fall are just a few of the many problems that crop up during the rainy season. But with more time at hand, we can now adopt a few simple tips and tricks to detangle those tangles.

Recently, actor Malaika Arora had shared her secret to healthy, shiny hair. And no, it isn’t anything fancy! In an Instagram video, Arora had revealed that she swears by a champi with oil that is made using a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, fenugreek or methi seeds, and curry leaves.


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“Coconut oil has moisturising and lubricating properties, leaving the hair soft and shiny. Castor oil has an added advantage in the resolution of dandruff. Most of these oils contain omega 3 fatty acids, which help in the overall nourishment of the scalp,” observes Dr Pooja Chopra, a consultant dermatologist.

“Fenugreek seeds and curry leaves also have antioxidant properties, which strengthen the hair follicles and moisturise the scalp. They can be mixed with any of the oils to make a nourishing hair care concoction,” she adds.

Dr Nandini Barua, a Gurugram-based dermatologist, seconds this. “Hair oil serves as a good conditioner and provides hydration to the scalp. The massage during application can help in improving the circulation. The only thing which should be kept in mind is that hair oil should not be kept for more than an hour, as it attracts more dust, makes the scalp oily and blocks the pores, thus leading to seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) and hair fall,” she notes.

However, oiling isn’t the only thing that’s essential for healthy hair. Dr Barua says one must also follow a good protein diet, and take care of all aggravating factors such as stress, sleep, nutrition deficiency, etc.


You will need 2tbsp coconut oil, 2tsp organic raw honey, 4tbsp organic coffee grounds, 8 drops of carrot seed oil, 6 drops of tea tree essential oil.

Pour the coconut oil and honey into a small bowl or jar. Next, add the coffee grounds.

Add the carrot seed oil and tea tree oil.

Blend all of the ingredients together and refrigerate the product. Your concoction is ready!

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