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Role model? Nah !

One thing that is striking about the fashion shows at the WIFW is a void of known models, says Jaydeep Ghosh.
None | By Jaydeep Ghosh, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 08, 2008 02:17 PM IST

One thing that is striking about the fashion shows at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is a void of known models.

It's not as if the famous faces have quit modelling, nor have they taken a sabbatical. It's just that suddenly there are too many shows and not many experienced models.

With the WLIFW and Mumbai's LFW happening back-to-back, the models had to choose, which one to attend. The luxury of doing both wasn't there, as the schedules didn't allow it. And making the choice depends solely on the moolah they make. LFW is offering better remuneration and thus we see less of the well-known faces in Delhi.

The auditioning for the WLIFW was a disaster as more than 80 girls turned up but only 8 got selected. Even the auditioning had much to be desired. The jury was segmented. Part of it left immediately after the male models were auditioned, leaving only half of them to do the work.

Since the jury could not muster the required number of models and some select ones dropped out, they had to take some of the rejected ones on-board. Seeing their desperation, the agencies started lobbying aggressively to push in their candidates and to a certain extent succeeded.

Models Anurit Jha, Romil Srivastav, Shikha Verma and Ritu Singh were rejected at the official audition. But as requirements couldn't be met, they were selected. The closest other models, like Sahiba Singh, Donna Masih and Montu Tomal: got to do anything with fashion week earlier was to model for the preview showcasing.

When we spoke with the newly recruited 'models', the biggest grievance seemed to be money The fresh models are getting Rs 4,000 per day, mind you, not per show, but per day So if on an average, a model is doing four shows a day, it works out to a measly grand a day.

No doubt we often overhear as we stroll in the venue, "Yeh model hai?" with a shocked look. Even on the ramp, some girls have an erratic walk, which at times amuses those on the front-rows. Well, it's not a perfect model!

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