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A to Z of monsoon

We tell you about everything that the monsoon season comprises of- from bright and fun fashion and delicious food options to a cosy day indoor with tea, friends, and the rain. Here is A to Z of monsoon for you.

health and fitness Updated: Jul 22, 2012 01:10 IST
Debasmita Ghosh
Debasmita Ghosh
Hindustan Times

Accessories, be it funky multi-coloured bangles, belts, bags or shoes — monsoon is the time to go bold and beautiful. Scout the markets and pack your wardrobe with all things fun!

Breathable and slightly loosely fitted fabrics will give you all the comfort this season. Tight-fitted garments tend to stick to your body when you get wet or sweaty due to the humid weather.

Corn, boiled or roasted, is the perfect monsoon snack. Nothing like steaming soft corns in molten butter or a crunchy roasted corn with a bit of lime and black salt on a drizzling afternoon.

Dengue, malaria, chickungunea, typhoid, jaundice and a host of other, mostly water-borne diseases, attack people in monsoon. So, do not let water stagnate around the house, as stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Eyes are prone to various infections this season. Viral or bacterial conjunctivitis is the most common one. Stay at home until the eye drainage has resolved, splash water frequently into your eyes, and keep them clean all the time.

Fritters or batter-fried pakodas are the all-time favourite comfort food for monsoon. Forget weigh woes for a while and gorge on various types of spicy pakodas — onion, potato, paneer, mixed dal or other varieties.

Ginger is the best home remedy to all the cold, cough and flu that people tend to contract in this season. Add a dash of ginger to your food or sip on a warm cup of adrakwali chai and keep all diseases at bay.

Haircare is very important in the monsoon. Don’t forget to dry up your hair and scalp if it gets wet in the rain, else it will start smelling badly. Use a drier if needed.

Indoor plants can pep up the decor of your interiors. Since the weather outside is dull and gloomy, a dash of greenery inside the house will not only liven up your decor, but also your mood.

Jujubes and jellies are fun ways to even make your desserts colourful this season. So, top these vibrant items over your ice-creams and custards to add some colourful fun to your food.

Kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, rowing and all kinds of water sports must be avoided in the monsoon. The sea is rough during the season, so venturing into the waters can be quite risky.

Lacy and translucent fabrics create a look of luxury, so take off all those heavy drapes that you had put up to keep the strong sunlight away in the summer and bring in some light through lacy curtains.

Mats made of light and water-resistant materials such as bamboo and acrylic is the best option for monsoon, as they can be easily dried when wet. So, fold away your rugs and carpets and get some funky mats home.

Neons are the shades to flaunt. Be it your clothes, accessories, drapes or decor, usher in all bright fluorescent shades to bring in some cheer after the weary summer. With colours like yellow, green, fuchsia, or coral, just go bold.

Organise indoor activities with friends or family over endless cups of spiced teas. You could simply throw a pakoda party, a book reading session, movie marathons or get creative over spooky story-tellings, origami or pottery.

Perfumes and deodorants are a must in every season, but to tackle the smelly sweaty woes of this humid weather, make sure to go for stronger scents. It’s a nice idea to sport earthy woody scents with some warming notes.

Quilts come in quite handy to beat the slight chill in the air during the night. You could go for a bright light-weight polyester quilt instead of the cotton ones.

Rubber flip flops, crocs and jelly shoes are your best friends during the monsoon. With muddy water and puddles on the road, it’s best to avoid leather shoes and high heels.

Shorts, capris and knee-skimming skirts are anytime a better choice over full-length body hugging denims. That’s because the denims, when wet, take quite a long time to get dry.

Tissues and towels are two must-carry items in your bag, whether you are heading to college, office or going out with friends. It’ll help you to dry yourself if you get wet in the rain while travelling.

Umbrellas are your saviors this season. How about ditching the mundane prints and going for some funky fluorescent ones or transparent ones this time around!

Vacations this season should be wisely planned. Head for destinations that receive the least rainfall such as the deserts of Rajasthan, the Deccan Plateau and the coffee plantations of South India. Avoid mountains because of landslides.

Waterproof is the word to swear by. Be it bags, shoes, trench coats or make up, everything should be waterproof to save yourself from the sudden spell of showers.

Xylophone is a musical instrument normally associated with kids. But how about bringing out the child in you and getting home this fun instrument, the notes of which sync perfectly with the pitter patter sound of the rain.

Yeast works perfectly in monsoon when your kitchen is hot. Try making some hot breads at home or simply toss up some fermented foods such as idli and dhokla. Yeast, which is used to ferment these dishes, is one of the few non-animal sources of B-12 and is rich in amino acids.

Zip, zap, zoom — nothing better than a long drive through the highway, with the radio belting out nostalgic numbers even as you watch the rain through the rolled up windows or stop for a kadak chai by the road. So, hit the roads to have the most of the monsoon!

First Published: Jul 21, 2012 18:15 IST