Bath salts for monsoon

Monsoons bring with them a lot of woes, especially related to body hygiene. One of the best ways to beat the monsoon dirt and grime is using bath salts. Here is bringing you some quick tips to decide why to choose bath salts.

health and fitness Updated: Jul 22, 2012 01:10 IST
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Benefits: Adding a little salt to your bath can actually help improve your circulation. Bath salts great for muscle tension or spasms, and minor work and sports injuries. They're great for easing stiff, sore, muscles and aching feet and legs.

Fighting the season’s ailments: Salts can help improve common irritations such as insect bites, minor rashes, and calluses on feet, as well as more serious skin conditions like athlete's foot, eczema, and psoriasis. High quality salts may also help improve the appearance of scars.

Choose right: Cool hues such as blues and purples are generally soothing; warm hues such as orange and yellow are energising. In monsoon, one should opt for softer and lighter fragrances. The most popular are usually floral, or citrus scents, for ex. Lavender, lemon grass, orange, rose, vanilla.

Fight sweaty woes: In this season we tend to sweat a lot, and the skin gathers a lot of dust, dirt and grime, besides dead skin. The right bath salts can help one fight these problems in a completely natural way.

Safety check: Read the label before dropping a bath salt. If you have heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition which may cause an unsafe reaction, you should consult your doctor before making use of any bath salt.

Not limited to tubs: Take a handful and rub them gently in your hands and over your body. Presto - you have an effective exfoliating scrub! Play some soothing music, turn down the lights, and soak! When you're done, you'll feel like you just took a trip to a decadent spa, without the hassle, the money, or the drive home!

Use daily: There is no harm in using bath salts daily. For variety, you could use different bath salts on different days, depending on your mood.

With inputs from Sukhchit Dahuja, Sawasdee Traditional, Thai Spa

First Published: Jul 21, 2012 17:57 IST