Brain Power

New brain imaging techniques show that different regions of the brain work simultaneously.

health and fitness Updated: Mar 01, 2004 18:13 IST

Well, if you are science freak who believes that the average person uses only 10 per cent of his or her brain you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Because this is a scientific myth and the concept has been put forth by psychics who believe that they've learned to harness unused parts of the mind, according to Benjamin Radford, science writer and editor at Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

According to the National Inquirer, new brain imaging techniques such as MRIs and PET scans establish that different regions of the brain simultaneously come into play throughout the course of a person's day .

Other myths busted include that warm tap water freezes faster than cold tap water because of evaporation. Since much of the very hot water is lost to steam, leaving less water behind which will freeze faster. And also that the far side of the moon gets lit up by the sun due to rotation although it is believed that it has a dark side to it.

First Published: Mar 01, 2004 18:13 IST