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Gain or lose weight, the right way

Going to extremes won't help.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 11, 2012 01:09 IST
Leena Mogre
Leena Mogre
Hindustan Times

I’m 25 years old, 5’8” tall and weigh 75kg. I work out in the gym daily and I want to reduce fat and gain muscle. Please suggest a diet and the supplement which will help me reduce side fat. -Vikas More
Regularly exercising is a commendable effort on your part. However, you need to understand that there’s no such thing as spot reduction. To reduce your love handles, have a low-fat diet. Cardio is important for fat loss, so try swimming, cycling or jogging. For your diet, have a six meal pattern — moderate carbs, moderate protein and low fat. Consume three cups of green tea everyday as that helps in fat loss.

I am 23 years old, 5’4” in height and weigh 65kg. I want to reduce my weight and breast size, which is 36. Please advise a diet and exercise plan.—Shital
For weight loss it’s important to build lean muscle tissue. A combination of weight training and cardio is advisable. For weight training, do a circuit that involves large muscle groups such as chest press, seated rowing, squats, lunges, leg extension, leg curls and calf raises. Cardio activity is that which you can carry on for an hour nonstop such as brisk walk, swimming, jogging or dancing. Consume a lot of complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, salads, soups and proteins like egg white, soya and tofu.

I’m 21 years old and 5’10” tall. But I weigh just 52kg. Please suggest ways to gain weight in a healthy manner. —S Bharatwaj
Exercise and weight training is a must to put on weight the right way, by increasing your muscle mass. Targeting muscles with compound exercises is what I recommend. Also, your diet plays a crucial role. Consume good amount of proteins and carbs. If you are travelling, carry a whey protein shake with you. Take rest and sleep well, besides following the regimen and diet.
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First Published: Jan 10, 2012 18:03 IST