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Heart Compression

For babies up to two years, 2 pressures with two fingers are enough, if applied 100 times/min.

health-and-fitness Updated: Sep 12, 2003, 19:39 IST

    This should go on along with artificial respiration therefore ask the First Aider giving mouth-to-mouth breathing to sit to the right of the casualty and place yourself on the left side.

    Feel and mark the lower part of the sternum.

    Place the heel of your hand on the body, making sure that the palm and fingers are not in contact with the Chest.

    Place the heel of the other hand over it.

    With your right arm, press the sternum backward towards the spine. (It can be pressed back 1 to 1.5 inches in adults.)

    Adults should be given about 60 pressures a minute.

    For children from two to ten years 3 pressures with one hand (heel) will be enough; but pressure should be 80-90 times a minute.

    For babies up to two years, 2 pressures with two fingers are good enough applied 100 times per minute.

    Press firmly but carefully; carelessness may cause injury to ribs and deeper tissues.

    If the treatment is effective,

      Colour will become normal

      Pupil will contract as improvement begins and

      Carotid pulse begins with each pressure.

    When pulse is not restored, continue compression till the patient reaches hospital.

    Inflation's of lungs to heart pressure should be as 2:15. If there is only one First Aider, he has to be very smart and active. Finish 15 heart compressions, rush to head-side, give two inflation's to the lungs, and get back to the heart and give 15 compressions.

    Repeat these

If there are two First Aiders, No.1 makes 5 heart compressions and then No.2 given one lung inflation. These are repeated, At the same time No.1 can watch the pupils and No.2 can feel the carotid pulse.


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