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How Hrithik developed that body

The actor keeps pushing boundaries whether it comes to taking fitness or dance a notch higher. His trainer Satyajit Chaurasia spills the beans on his fitness and diet secrets...

health and fitness Updated: Sep 26, 2011 15:49 IST
Priyanka Jain
Priyanka Jain
Hindustan Times
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Hrithik Roshan’s fabulous upper torso, broad and well-built muscles, super-chiselled abs and sharp biceps form a part of every man’s dream body. For Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, he sported a fit body while essaying the role of an office-going businessman; but for his forthcoming film, Agneepath, the actor’s task was to build a muscular body with more sharpness.

"The difference between his earlier exercise routine and now is that he does a lot of super sets and strip sets now. The task was to build a particular area, say the arm muscles, in a lesser amount of time, as compared to regular exercises," says his trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, who has been training the actor for nine years now.

HrithikSharper look

Chaurasia reveals how Hrithik developed a more muscular and sharper look for Agneepath. He says, "The workout routine was similar to his earlier schedules but we did them quicker." According to Chaurasia, super sets and strip sets mean that you start a particular exercise with 20 reps and go on to 15 reps for the second set and to 10 reps for the third.

Commitment is the key

To achieve this, Hrithik changed some exercises, as they were not suitable for his current injuries. Chaurasia adds, "His weak body parts and muscles responded very well to the variations. We worked on giving the body parts a better proportion by increasing them in size, muscularity and sharpness. Commitment is Hrithik’s key to fitness."

No, it’s not possible to maintain a six pack. Only when you are working out at 100 per cent for a concentrated period of time can you can maintain it. Otherwise, over time, there’s a 10-20 per cent water retention which affects the sharpness. Having said that, it is definitely easy to get rid of fat and water retention in a few days and regain the six-pack.

Generic Exercise Schedule Hrithik is following:
Arms (Monday)
Biceps and Triceps Dumbell 21 (for power and sharpness of bicep muscle)
Tricep pulley push down (for tricep muscles)
Barbell curl (for entire size and strength of arms)
Line tricep extension (Difficult, yet famous exercise. Good for size and strength)
Concentration curls (for bicep peak and roundness of muscle)
Overhead tricep muscles (for sharpness of tricep muscles)
Hammer dumbbell curl (for outer biceps and upper forearm)
Tricep kick back (to be done with light weight; for sharpness of triceps)
Reverse curl (for outer forearm area, strengthens the wrist and gives good power hold in your fist)
Wrist curl (for inner forearm)

Chest (Tuesday)
Plain Bench Press (for complete chest)
Dumbbell fly (for outer pectoral muscles)
Incline Dumbbell press (for upper chest).
Cross pulley (for inner definition/size and hardness of chest muscle)
Decline flies (for lower chest)
Pullovers (expands rib cage and gives good posture)

Back (Tuesday)
Chin-ups (This exercise takes more strength. Best workout for the back. Gives good power and sharpness for size)
Dumbbell rowing (for lower leg and back — strengths lower lads muscles)
Rowing pulley (Different variation of back exercise, gives stability in the spine and again works for entire back)

Shoulders (Wednesday)
Side lateral (for front and middle deltoids//shoulder muscles)
Front raises (for front deltoid)
Tea cups (for front shoulder muscles)
Dumbbell press (for entire shoulders)
Shrugs (for trapeze muscles near the neck)

Legs (Thursday)

Leg extension (For entire legs, the quadriceps i.e. front muscles of the leg)

Free squats (most conventional exercise, gives power and size to leg)

Lunges (helps give shape to the butt; Walking lunges helps lose lots of calories; takes care of lower body fitness)

Leg curls (for hamstrings i.e. backside muscles of leg)

Good morning (Hrithik’s favourite exercise for lower back)

Hyper Extension (for strengthening lower back)

Calf Exercise (for calf muscles which is the most stubborn muscle to grow)

First Published: Sep 26, 2011 15:35 IST