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World Sleep Day: Here are 7 easy ways to deal with snoring

Snoring is common problem among many of us. And if not dealt with, it can majorly harm our physical , mental health and impact our relationships too. This World Sleep Day, we tell you how we can combat it.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 05, 2017 08:08 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
How to prevent snoring,Health,How to deal with snoring
You snore when your body is unable to move air freely through the nose and throat. And this causes the surrounding tissues of the throat and the nose to vibrate.

World Sleep Day falls on Friday, March 17. But do we need a day to remember the importance of good sleep?

After a tiring day at work, the one thing we desire is a peaceful sleep. However, if you snore, or have a partner who snores all night, you can consider yourself unlucky. Snoring is a major sleep destroyer and puts a huge strain on your health, and is a nuisance in relationships. With the help of experts, check out this list of solutions to help you deal with this problem.

What causes snoring?

You snore when your body is unable to move air freely through the nose and throat. And this causes the surrounding tissues of the throat and the nose to vibrate. People who snore, tend to have excessive throat and nasal tissues. At times, this happens because the position of the tongue can get in the way of snoring.

Here is how you can prevent it

1) Changing sleeping patterns- Avoid sleeping straight on your back. Sleeping on your back tends to make the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of your throat. This causes vibrations when you sleep, leading to snoring. Sleep on either the left or right side.

2) No alcohol, smoking and sedatives policy- If you snore, then you simply cannot consume alcohol, smoke or take sedatives. Alcohol and smoking tend to reduce the resting tone of the muscles at the back of your throat. If you snore and you have a drink or two before sleeping then you will end up snoring more in the night. Whereas sedatives relax and numb your throat muscles to a point once you snore, you cannot control it. Smoking leads to chest and nasal congestion, triggering snoring.

3) Maintain - Always clean your bed sheets, pillow covers and try to ensure that the room is dust free. Allergens are significant contributors. Dust mites can accumulate in pillows and bed sheets can aggravate the issue and cause allergic reactions.

4) Humidification- Lack of moisture in your room combined with dry air can aggravate your snoring. There should be ventilation, and the air should be clean. Dry air leads to dryness in your throat and nasal membrane. It can also cause chest congestion. This restricts the air movement in your body and causes vibrations, leading to snoring. Buying a humidifier is recommended for habitual snorers.

5) Hydration- You need to make sure that you never get dehydrated. If you’re not consuming adequate water as per your body’s requirement per day, then secretions in your nose and soft palate becomes sticker causing congestion. This increases snoring.

6) Lose weight- Obesity is another strong contributor. If you are overweight then it’s imperative that you reduce your body weight. This is not to say that thin people don’t snore, they do too.

At times one tends to gain weight around the neck. This squeezes the internal diameter around your neck, causing it to collapse during sleeping hours, triggering snoring.

7) Pillow position- Keep the position of your pillow high. This allows you to elevate your head position making it easier to breathe. But don’t keep your pillow too high though as it may constrict air passages. Your pillow should not be too fluffy or too flat.

Keep in mind

a) Closed mouth snoring- if your mouth is shut while you snore then it’s an indication of a problem with your tongue/nasal passageway.

b) Snoring with mouth wide open- The tissues in your throat are most likely the reason for this.

c) Snoring regardless of position- If this is the case then it’s a sign of a serious problem. Consult a doctor immediately.

First Published: Mar 01, 2017 20:59 IST