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Joy of small things

It's been an especially gloomy winter for all of us. Finding joy in little things may be a good way to start the year. Zofeen Maqsood writes.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 11, 2013 23:06 IST
Zofeen Maqsood

It's been a harsh winter for us in many ways. Besides the general gloom of the events around us, there's been an especially severe cold wave. Psychiatrist Jitendra Nagpal, Moolchand Medicity says, "It's natural for people to feel bogged down by unpleasant happenings around them and unfortunately we have seen many of them towards the end of the year. But one has to learn from hardships and move on, feeling stronger. Joining a new hobby or getting involved in something creative is the right way to transform all the negative energy that you have gathered into something constructive and worthwhile."

A hobby, whatever the external environment, is always a good thing to take up. A 2011 research conducted on two lakh people in UK, The great British class survey, found that those who manage to rise up the social scale have an unusually broad range of hobbies and past-times. The findings of the research corroborate the fact that pop psychologists stress upon. Most experts maintain that people who are feeling good are more constructive at work and also put in more energy and often it is the hidden joy in doing small things that subconsiously makes one feel at peace with oneself and the surroundings.

Life coach and motivational counsellor Rita Gangwani says, "When people come to me, depressed, instead of suggesting a drastic, scientific regimen, I ask them to look for those little pick-me-up moments around them to train their minds to absorb positive energies from around them. Sometimes it can be something as simple as picking flowers for home on way back from work." And then, finally, here's another reason to take up a hobby - to expand your interests and widen your interests in the new year!

Car Feng Shui
USP: Catherine Hilker, Feng Shui consultant, Ford says, "To ease out rattled energies, your environment should correspond. The bagua principle says the vehicle you travel in should be maintained to give in positive chi." From naming your car to hanging chimes in it, the idea is to feel happy as most urban dwellers begin their day with a drive to work.

Where: Go to www. driving for more feng shui tips

Marma massage
USP: Ayurveda expert Shahnaz Husain says, "The most effective way to release negative energies is to go for a marma massage. The treatment dates back to 1500 BC and works on Ayurveda principles where the vital pressure points are made to correspond with the chakras." A diamond dust body polish in the end ensures happy vibes by releasing toxins.

Where: Shahnaz Signature Salon, Kohinoor Mall, GK 2, Price: Rs 3000

Funk therapy
USP: Dance and jazz expert Madhav says, "Dancing is a fun activity but certain dance forms like funk and jazz bring about positive energies as they help release a lot of happy hormones as the movements are energetic with lot of energy and the music is peppy which makes you sweat a lot." Where: KIPA Dance Academy conducts jazz and funk sessions. Call: 8587918108 for details

Macaroon making
USP: Baker Salika Bali says, "Baking has a therapeutic effect and the sight of seeing bright colourful macaroons that you bake is one of those little things in life that brings instant happiness." Also chefs say,choosing fresh ingredients like raspberry,figs and bananas and experimenting with flavours gives thatcreative hormonal onrush.

Where: For macaroon making

Floral deco
USP: While floral designing art is coming up as a profession too, Vikas Gutgutia, MD, Ferns n Petals, says, "Just seeing a prettily arranged small bouquet in the centre of the house has a positive effect on mind and body. Flower art is a creative process and a lot of people are learning it to de-stress." Where: Go to for 4-6 week course

Urban farming
USP: Organic farming expert Inderpal Kochchar says, "Setting up an organic kitchen garden or even planting a few herbs in your balcony and watch them grow brings calm. Home grown veggies also have health benefits as they have no pesticides."

Where: Kona, a 2 day workshop is gettingexperts to hold organic farming and raw cooking classes. 19-20 Jan. 1, Jor Bagh

Restock session
Ever noticed the joy you experience when you raid something from your grandmother's wardrobe? Designer Timsy Mittal says that reconstructing an old outfit into a new one can give a great joy. The designer can turn your old shirt into a clubby new shirt dress or an old tattered skirt into a new boob tube. She says, "We harmonise design philosophy with the curves of the body to create new patterns."

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