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Peaches and cream

Perhaps you were born with that dream skin. Maintaining it is just as important. Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar tells more.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 27, 2008 20:02 IST

Many of us dream of a flawless smooth complexion. Every time I go for a facial, thinking, “I will be dermatologically transformed” but nothing of the sort happens.

Innumerable factors are responsible for our skin type like genetics, climate, food, physical activity, hygiene and skin care, allergic tendencies, exposure to sun, infections and mental make-up. Undeniably, they play a key role in one’s physical attributes. So, perhaps you were born with that dream skin. Maintaining it is just as important.

For glowing skin

A daily wash with a gentle soap, and a generous dollop of cream applied at night help to moisturise the facial skin and keep it soft and baby smooth. My mum takes things a bit too far and polishes off half a bottle of cream each night. But then her complexion is to die for.

Physical activity rejuvenates not only the body but also the mind. A daily brisk walk improves blood circulation and releases endorphins keeping one in good cheer. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables generates vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy skin.

Other essentials

Proteins are also essential. So are carbohydrates and fats in moderation.

Drinking adequate water to hydrate the body and remove toxins is a vital point to remember not only for healthy skin but for general good health.

Every individual has different water requirements. If one’s urine is pale then in all probability the person is well hydrated.

Sun tan

Some of us may be confused as about the final verdict vis-à-vis exposure of skin to the sun. Well, Vitamin D is only produced in the body in response to sun exposure. However, this does not mean hours of sun tanning. Too much exposure to the sun may be responsible for various skin cancers.

Skin allergy by contact or inhalation or ingestion of substances is not uncommon. This can be in the form of nappy rash, poison ivy rash or reaction to sea food. This skin rash is usually red and itching and referred to as urticaria. Viral, fungal and bacterial skin infections needs appropriate treatment.

That itching sensation

I have a spot on the nape of my neck that gets irritatingly itchy every time I am stressed out, a constant reminder that I can fool the world but not my body.

(Medical questions can be addressed to Dr Nupur at

. The writer is M.S. (ENT), laryngologist and voice surgeon, Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre)