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Sexual mores are determined not by pornographic but by intimate parental and social relations.
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Published on Oct 01, 2003 07:02 PM IST
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Almost all behavioural scientists will agree, that sexual mores and behaviour are determined not by the sight of pornographic materials, but by intimate parental and social relations very early in childhood. There is probably not a single man, woman or child who has had at least some exposure to pornography.

The vast majority will quickly find it very boring and consequently discard it. A sexually disturbed minority will perhaps find it fascinating, but there is no evidence that it will change their sexual behaviour in any way. It is also worth mentioning that sexual offenders are almost invariably sexually ignorant.

More than inciting them to indulge in criminal behaviour, pornographic material causes insecurity in people’s minds by producing distorted standards. People may believe that whatever is shown in pornography is the real thing and try to imitate them in real life. (The sexual scenes in blue films are exaggerated and edited.)

When they or their partners cannot perform or behave as shown in blue films they assume that they are not up to the mark and think that something is wrong with them. This makes them lose their self-confidence and affects their otherwise normal sexual response.

Parents worry quite unnecessarily about the effects of pornography, particularly on children. Perhaps this is a reaction (conscious or unconscious) to their own inadequacies in supplying a healthy sexual environment for young children. Our aim should be to drive pornography out by good sexual education and not by trying to censor it.


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