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Teen pregancies

Kids born to teenage mothers, have increased risk of committing suicide at a later age.
PTI | By Asian News International, Washington
PUBLISHED ON SEP 25, 2004 06:40 PM IST

Children born with a low birth weight and being born to teenage mothers ,have an increased risk of committing suicide at a later age, a new population study has revealed.

The results of the study conducted by Danuta Wasserman of National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention/Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden and colleagues and published in The Lancet, has revealed how low birth weight and being born to a teenage mother are independent risk factors associated with increased risk of suicide in later life.

The study has also found that being born fourth or more in sibling order, and poor maternal socio-economic status, was also associated with an increased risk of suicide attempts.

"The reported associations of foetal growth restriction and adverse maternal conditions with suicidal behaviour could be due to parental psychiatric disorders and aggregation of suicide in the family," Wasserman was quoted by The Lancet as saying.

"Maternal mental ill-health might affect fetal growth and socioeconomic position, increase the risk of teenage pregnancies, and exacerbate that of psychiatric disorders in their offspring, which further heightens the risk of suicidal behaviour," he added.

Maternal and perinatal factors may be determinants of a diathesis for suicidal behaviour and the researchers are hopeful that the identification of effects of contraceptive and perinatal environment on suicidal behaviour may open up newer venues in suicide prevention.

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