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The Chronic Phase

Those who do not stop drinking even at this stage get mentally ill or die a slow, painful death.

health and fitness Updated: Jun 02, 2003 21:05 IST

Thisphaseischaracterised by noticeable physical, mental and social deterioration. There is a total breakdown in relationship with the family.

Binge Drinking: You drink continuously for days together, do not eat and do not involve yourself in any other activity. At the end of each binge you are left shaken, frightened and guilt-ridden, You promise never to drink again. Soon enough you go on another binge.

Ethical Breakdown: You borrow, lie and even steal to keep liquor in supply. You have no qualms about being unethical. Your sole aim is to get enough to drink, whatever the means.

Paranoia and Hallucinations: You begin to suspect people around you with little reason. You imagine they are plotting against you. You may imagine voices speaking to you. You may see things that do not exist or may feel things crawling on you.

Lack of Motor Co-Ordination: Your hand trembles as you hold the coffee cup. Even to shave you have to ‘steady’ yourself with a few drinks. You drink to feel better, but it only makes you feel worse.

This is the end of the road. Those who do not stop alcohol consumption even at this stage get mentally ill or die a slow, painful death.


First Published: Jun 02, 2003 21:05 IST