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Trainer’s tricks

Fitness trainers reveal what keeps them fit and makes them an inspiration for others.

health and fitness Updated: Aug 04, 2011 00:22 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
Hindustan Times
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To sculpt your bulging fat into washboard abs, they urge you to relish pumpkin porridge like pancakes, and make you work out until your muscles quiver with exhaustion. Fitness trainers, in short, wreck havoc and we surrender to them knowing that, with their own enviously fit body, they mean business.

But, maintaining that fab body requires effort. “Since you can’t focus on yourself and your clients simultaneously, a trainer needs a regular fitness routine,” says fitness trainer Prachi Agarwal.

While Agarwal works out thrice a week in a park, fitness trainer Vesna Jacob of Vesna Wellness Clinic practices a combo of Pilates, yoga, stretches, boot camp with jumps, push-ups, TRX, and Power Plate, and follows a blood type diet. We inveigled out the fitness secrets of trainers and reveal them here.

Paul Britto, Gold Gym
Age: 29
85 kg
Personal training charges: Rs 2,500 per hour

It’s a five-day work out for Britto every week. He works on chest, shoulder and triceps on the first day, back and biceps on the second and legs on the third. On the fourth day, he climbs rocks, while on the fifth day he does kickboxing. “It breaks the monotony,” he says. Britto’s early morning meal comprises oatmeal, five almonds and a glass of passion fruit juice. Between breakfast and lunch, he chews on a protein bar. Lunch is a balanced thali — 2 chapatis, veggies, fish, daal, curd and some rice. In the evening, he has protein biscuits with green tea, followed by an early dinner that includes an egg white omelet, and a few spoons of rice. Before sleeping he drinks a glass of protein shake.

Prachi Agarwal
Fitho Weight Management
Age: 29
52 kg
Personal training charges: Rs 4,000 to Rs 18,000 a month

Agarwal does an intensive outdoor training in a park thrice a week. “Working out outdoor is therapeutic like meditation,” she says. She uses her own body weight to work out her muscles to helps minimise injury and tone her body. Her workout routine combines plyometrics, running, interval training and isometric. She believes in 3 regular meals a day: Breakfast is fruits, and 2 eggs. Lunch is veggies, yogurt, dal and rice. Dinner includes veggies, chicken and 2 chapatis. And, she steers clear of supplements.

Vesna Jacob, Vesna’s Wellness Clinic
Age: 35
57 kg
training charges: Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,000 per session

Jacob begins her fitness routine with Pilates. “It focuses my mind, tunes my body and brings me in touch with my true potential,” she says. She prefers small meals with lots of raw veggies and fruits. She starts her day with a bowl of dalia cooked in skimmed milk.

After a few hours, she has an apple or some berries. Her lunch is a green salad with tofu, or miso soup and 1/4th of a cottage cheese sandwich. She frequently eats fresh spinach, apple, orange and beetroot juice. Jacob’s dinner is fish with grilled veggies. She drinks three liters of water daily and swears by coconut water for a beautiful complexion.

Prashant Mistry
Personal trainer
Age: 29
78 kg
Personal training charges: Rs 8,000 to Rs 16,000 a month
Mistry trains daily for 1 hour, does weight training 3 times a week and cardio on alternate days. He changes his workout regime every 21 days, shuffling between endurance, moderate and heavy weight training to “keep his body guessing”. His morning meal is musli, 4 egg whites, fruits, and 6 walnuts. Lunch is 30gm rice, 3 chapattis and chicken. In the evening, he has fruits and a protein shake. Dinner is veggies, chicken and egg whites. He goes on a detox diet every 15 days.

Ajay Kumar
Ozone Gym
Age: 29
84 kg
Personal training charges: Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 a month
Kumar, who’s also a ramp model, hits the gym every evening for 1 hour. He does cardio for 20 min, and focuses on body parts for 45 min every day. Nothing is as healthy as sprouts, he says and has them along with 7 egg whites, 4 brown bread slice and green salad for breakfast. Between breakfast and lunch, he has a glass of skimmed milk. Lunch is 2 chapatis, a bowl of daal, veggies and salad. In the evening, he has a glass of juice with 200gm fresh cottage cheese and salad. Dinner is light —
1 chapati and 2 egg whites.

First Published: Aug 03, 2011 16:20 IST