Want to get eight-packs?
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Want to get eight-packs?

Actor Kellan Lutz’s secret to his packs and brawny biceps is his diet comprising 16 eggs a day, and lots of exercise

health and fitness Updated: Oct 24, 2011 00:59 IST
Hindustan Times

Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz packed on 11 kilo muscles to play the role of a Greek God, Poseidon, in his forthcoming film Immortals. The actor piled on the weight after following a punishing workout routine that he performed on the beach.

“I don’t really like the gym. I like to fool my body. I run around the beach and then there’s scaffolding, so I can just do different pull-ups there,” says the 26-year-old actor, who ate 16 eggs every morning, and worked out with co- stars Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke every day.

Fitness"We were shooting only one scene a day, so we had a lot of energy to burn," he explains. The actors challenged and motivated each other to go beyond their normal capacity. "We were throwing wheels and rocks. We were timing each other, betting who can do the most push-ups, just to keep our sanity. Within 30 minutes, we would sweat," says Kellan, revealing that he always wanted to play a Greek God.

“I love action movies and I have been trained in a lot of mixed martial arts. It’s a dream role for me. Since I am playing a youthful God, the director wanted me to look my best physically and mentally,” says Kellan,who also underwent rigorous weapon training for the film . “I love pushing my limits. I don’t really have fears as far as heights, skydiving, or bungee jumping goes.” What other exercises help him to maintain his physique? “I love mixed martial arts, weapons training, guns, knives, driving fast cars, and motorcycles,” he says.

Workout Routine Warmup
Kellan begins every workout with at least five minutes of cardio , followed by some core work.

Complete one set of each exercise. Rest 60-90 seconds. Then repeat.

Reverse Crunches
[20 reps]
Lie face up on the floor with your palms facing down. Bend your hips and knees 90 degrees. Raise your hips off the floor and crunch them inward. Pause, and then slowly lower your legs until your heels neatly touch the floor.

V-Ups [20 reps]
Lie face up on the floor with your legs and arms straight. Hold your arms straight above the top of your head. In one movement, simultaneously lift your torso and legs. Lower your body back to the starting position.

Barbell Front Squat to Press [12 reps]
Hold the bar with an overhand grip that’s just beyond shoulder width. Raise your upper arms until they’re parallel to the floor. Set your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your upper arms parallel to the floor, push your hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body as far as you can. Simultaneously push your body back to the start as you press the bar over your head.

Push-ups [12 reps]
Get down on all fours and place your hands on the floor so that they’re slightly wider and in line with your shoulders. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Pause at the bottom, and then push yourself back to the starting position.

Incline Barbell Bench Press [12 reps]
Set an adjustable bench to its lowest incline, about 15 to 30 degrees. Lie faceup on the bench and grab the barbell. Lower the bar to your upper chest. Pause, and then push the bar back to the starting position.

Explosive Push-ups
[12 reps]
Assume a push-up position. Bend your elbows and lower your body. Press yourself up so forcefully that your hands leave the floor.

First Published: Oct 23, 2011 18:38 IST