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Game of Thrones: Here’s a look at 18 jaw-dropping moments from the show so far

As Game of Thrones prepares to return with its seventh season, we take a look at some of the best moments from the past six seasons of the fantasy show.

hollywood Updated: May 11, 2017 19:03 IST
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma
Hindustan Times
Game Of Thrones,Jon Snow,Daenerys Targaryen
The seventh season of the hit show, Game of Thrones premieres on July 16 this year.

If there is one thing that brings together people from different cultures and countries, it’s the TV show Game of Thrones (GOT). The American fantasy show is one of the most watched shows in the world, and has received 38 Primetime Emmy Awards so far. It first premiered on April 17, 2011, and its sixth season ended on June 26, 2016. Before the season starts on July 16, we look back at its greatest moments.

Season 3

Episode -9 (The Red Wedding)

Most shocking moment in TV history! The Red wedding is the most watched episode in the history of Game Of Thrones. The scene involved Robb Stark and Catelyn Stark being brutally murdered by Walder Frey and Roose Bolton, who got their revenge on Robb Stark for his betrayal. This is what makes the show unique—its prioritisation of a gripping storyline over the popularity of characters. So, if the script demands that you kill off the good guy, then GOT isn’t afraid to do it.

Season 6

Episode- 5 (The Door)

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the show. Hodor makes the ultimate sacrifice by giving up his own life to save Bran, from the white walkers. It is also finally revealed why Hodor could only say one word throughout his life. The scene where his younger self experiences his own death in the future repeating the words ‘Hold the Door’ was a tearjerker.

Season 5

Episode- 10 (Jon Snow’s Death)

It’s safe to say that Jon Snow is one of the most popular characters among GOT fans. And his death at the end of season 5 left viewers shocked, especially to those who haven’t read the books. The commander of the nights watch is betrayed and gets stabbed in the back by his own comrades—literally.

Season 6

Episode- 2 (Jon Snow is alive)

Jon Snow’s resurrection was a relief for all the fans. It was not a question of ‘if’ but when he would be resurrected. And this episode delivered that big moment. He is lying dead on the table as Melisandre tries to bring him to life but to no avail. As soon as she leaves, he comes to life and the episode ends.

Season 1

Episode- 10 (Mother of dragons is born )

The season 1 finale, cemented it as the most popular TV show ever. The scene showcases Daenerys Targaryen walking naked into the fire with her three dragon eggs and emerging unscathed, giving birth to the dragons. The sight of the Dothraki kneeling and chanting ‘Khaleesi’ was the icing on the cake.

Season 2

Episode- 9 (Battle of Blackwater)

The Battle of Blackwater was a sight to behold, as it’s an example of cinematic artistry. The scene involved Stannis Baratheon’s huge army attacking Kings Landing. Outnumbered, Tyrion Lannister gambles by filling an entire ship with inflammable substance called wildfire. When the enemy ships approach, Bronn fires an arrow into the ship carrying wildfire. And the rest you know is history.

Season 4

Episode- 2 (The Purple Wedding)

The episode featured the demise of King Joffrey at his own wedding. The scene where he mocks his uncle Tyrion at the celebration, he suddenly starts to choke and then painfully dies, leaving the viewers shell-shocked. It once again reminded the viewers that in GOT, no one is safe from the axe.

Season 5

Episode- 6 (Sansa Stark wedding night)

The most controversial moment of the series. The reason for this is that the scene is not in the books. Sansa Stark gets orcefully married to Ramsay Snow. And Ramsay proceeds to rape her during their wedding night. Critics slammed the portrayal of the scene. The scene was horrific, especially with Theon Greyjoy being forced to watch.

Season 6

Episode- 3 (Tower of Joy)

Bran Stark takes a trip to the past and sees his father Ned Stark fight with the legendary Ser Arthur Dayne in an effort to rescue his sister, Lyanna Stark. The flashback ends with Ned hearing a scream from the tower in the backdrop of their battle.

Season 5

Episode- 10 (Cersei’s walk of shame)

Who can forget this powerful scene? King Joffery’s scheming mother, Cersei Lannister is finally atoned for her sins. Dressed in nothing, she walks the streets of King’s Landing, amid jeers from everyone. The image of the arrogant Cersei who had wrought so much havoc, being finally humbled was satisfying for the fans.

Season 5

Episode-8 (The Battle of Hardhome)

Mind-blowing effects and a gripping fight sequence— this scene had it all. The Battle of Hardhome saw Jon Snow and his army of the nights watch fight white walkers with the help of giants. This wasn’t in the books, but was included in the series. And we are so glad that the writers did that.

Season 6-

Episode- 4 (Daenerys kills the Khals)

Nobody messes with the mother of dragons. Season 6 began with Daenerys Targaryen being captured by the Dothraki. But in this episode she escapes and burns the Khals alive and takes command of their army. The scene where she slowly walks away as the Khals are being burned was epic and unforgettable.

Season 4-

Episode- 6 (Tyrion’s Trial)

This scene contains the best acting in the show. Tyrion Lannister is on trial for killing his nephew Joffrey. When he realizes that his lover Shae has betrayed him, he gives ones of the best speeches ever heard on television. Here’s the line: “I did not kill Joffrey, but I wish that I had! Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores! I wish I was the monster you think I am! I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you! I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it!”

Season 1

Episode- 9 (Ned Stark’s execution )

The first of many major deaths, this scene set the tone for the entire series. To escape execution, Ned Stark swallows his pride to protect his family, but King Joffrey gets him killed. Thus began the war between the Starks and Lannisters. The scene elevated Joffrey’s status as the most hated villain of the show..

Season 6

Episode- 10 (Cersei’s Revenge)

What a finale, this was! One moment that made us go ‘Oh God’ was Cersei getting her revenge on the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras and Mace Tyrell, and Kevan Lannister, for her walk of shame. The sight of the entire city being burned by wildfire as Cersei watches on from a distance, gave us the chills.

Season 4

Episode- 10 (Tywin dies sitting on a pot)

Tyrion finally gets his revenge on his brutal father- Tywin Lannister, by killing him in the toilet. When Tyrion escapes prison and discovers that it was his father who had set him up, he takes the crossbow and kills him while he is on the pot.

Season 1

Episode -1 (Bran pushed out of the window)

This is the pivotal moment in the series, that started the war of the five kings. In the very first episode of the series, Bran climbs one of Winterfell’s abandoned towers and discovers brother -sister duo of Jamie and Cersei Lannister having an affair. He gets caught by Jamie who pushes him off the tower to keep him quiet.

Season 6

Episode- 9 (Battle of the Bastards)

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark finally got their revenge on Ramsay Snow, who had tortured and raped Sansa during their wedding night, and killed their brother Rickon Stark. Fans around the world rejoiced as Ramsay died. The battle had everything: terror, revenge and a giant -all-in-one scene. The scene where Jon punches Ramsey in the face, and then Ramsay gets his face eaten by his own hounds as Sansa watches was utterly satisfying.

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First Published: May 11, 2017 14:10 IST