I hate the idea of animals dying for people to eat them: Emily Deschanel

Hollywood actor Emily Deschanel says that animal cruelty “really got” to her. She turned vegan after watching a documentary on animal rights in high school.
Actor Emily Deschanel is one of the ardent supporters of veganism.(Photo: AFP)
Actor Emily Deschanel is one of the ardent supporters of veganism.(Photo: AFP)
Updated on Mar 28, 2018 07:15 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Mumbai | BySusan Jose

Actor Emily Deschanel is one of the hard-core proponents of veganism among Hollywood celebrities. Her journey as a vegan started when she was in high school. And the values of “compassion and kindness” have continued to be with her till date, which she implements in her parenting style as well. Currently on a sabbatical post the conclusion of her popular TV show, she talks to us about her love for animals, parenting style and how she “misses” going to the sets. Excerpts from interview:

How did your passion for veganism begin?

I saw a documentary in high school called Diet For A New America (1991). It showed the factory farm where meat and dairy come from. It talked about the implications on the environment, the cruelty towards animals. I did turn vegetarian on the spot but I planned on becoming a vegan. I just came home and said, ‘I’m a vegetarian’. My parents were very kind about it (laughs). And then, I became a vegan a year or two after that. Animal cruelty really got to me. Billions of animals are killed every year for food – and animals are pretty amazing creatures, and I hate the idea of them dying for people to eat them. And now we have so many people telling us about the health benefits of eating plant-based food. I’m very much involved with an organisation called Farm Sanctuary.

EMily Deschanel with the cast of TV series Bones. (Twitter.com/emilydeschanel)
EMily Deschanel with the cast of TV series Bones. (Twitter.com/emilydeschanel)

And the part of you that’s a passionate actor – does it miss going to the sets?

We finished production (for Bones, season 12 of which airs on Star World on April 24) about a year ago, and I’m just starting to feel like I’m recovering from this whole experience. I have learnt so much about storytelling, filming and television from my experience on the show. I’ve always loved action. I became a more efficient actor, I loved the people I worked with — writers, directors, crew members, actors and producers. It was such a warm place to work. I really miss that.

You also forged some solid friendships with your co-actors…

I became close with everybody, I was just texting Michaela (Conlin) and meant to text David (Boreanaz) as well. David has always been incredibly supportive of me and treated me as an equal. Michaela and I, when we were cast as best friends, it all just felt incredibly right. You know, I hate to say this but there can be some crazy actors. But I’m lucky that our casting director did such an amazing job of bringing people who just fit in nicely.

Emily Deschanel with Bones co-star Tamara Taylor. (Twitter.com/emilydeschanel)
Emily Deschanel with Bones co-star Tamara Taylor. (Twitter.com/emilydeschanel)

It was part of two decades of your life…

Yes, I started the show as a single person in my 20s and when it ended I was in my 40s, married with two kids. It’s nice to have some time off the show to regroup.

What kind of a parent are you to your sons?

My husband (actor David Hornsby) and I believe in setting limits with compassion and kindness. To some people it might seem like we’re real softy parents, but we certainly believe in saying no to our kids (Henry Lamar Hornsby, 6, and Calvin Hornsby, 2). But we say it really nicely (laughs).

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