Karan Oberoi on his jail term: Everyone thought I was going to die and won’t survive this ordeal - Hindustan Times

Karan Oberoi on his jail term: Everyone thought I was going to die and won’t survive this ordeal

ByMugdha Kapoor
Jun 13, 2024 04:08 PM IST

Actor-singer Karan Oberoi of Band of Boys fame opens about his horrid jail experience and how he went on for seven days without eating and sleeping.

Karan Oberoi, best known for being a part of Indipop boy band A Band Of Boys and TV show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, has been away from the public eye for quite some time. He last worked as story writer and producer in the 2022 web series Mukhbir, and he exclusively reveals that the band would get back together very soon. “Band Of Boys is coming back with a bang, and we would be releasing a full album that should be out hopefully in a month’s time,” he tells us.

Actor-Singer Karan Oberoi was a part of A Band Of Boys.
Actor-Singer Karan Oberoi was a part of A Band Of Boys.

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For the unversed, the actor-singer faced a harrowing ordeal after being accused of rape and extortion in 2019 when the #MeToo movement was at its peak, following which he was incarcerated. Recalling his time in jail, Oberoi says, “I would often ask myself, ‘How did I land up here’, among these hardened criminals, I’ve never even broken a traffic signal, I’m so by the book. What I took solace in was, while I was fighting a very hard battle inside, there were other people who were fighting a bigger battle outside for me because they were connected to my pain.”

Acknowledging that he lived in a bubble all his life and that the incident was an eye-opener for him, Oberoi shares that he “didn’t eat and sleep for six-seven days” and thought he was “going to die”. He recounts, “Everyone thought I was going to die. They didn’t think I could survive the ordeal. And maybe it was too hard on me, because I lived in my bubble. But when I saw people standing up and fighting for me, that gave me hope and strength. But, yes, there were times when I thought this is the end of the road for me.”

Though the 45-year-old was out from the jail in a month’s time, he confesses that the dark phase taught him to regard human life more than he ever did.

“I’ve seen such brutality, limited regard for human life in my jail experience that it has made me question everything that I see around me. I had an episode where I could have actually passed away because of asphyxiation. Today, I cherish even the air that I breathe or the trees around me,” Oberoi shares without divulging further details.

Asked how the industry reacted to his arrest, and if it at all affected his work opportunities once he was out, the actor says there were two things that happened.

“One, there were so many well-wishers that my phone had crashed. I received messages from people who I had worked with twenty years ago. For them, it was shocking to see someone like me linked to such a heinous crime. So, while there was a lot of affection and generosity extended towards me to understand my plight,” he continues, “As for work, it didn’t come my way for a long time [after I was out on bail]. There’s a certain duality in the industry which I think might have led to a situation where a lot of work didn’t come my way, but a lot of sympathy did.”

On whether this whole episode changed his perspective towards the #MeToo movement, the actor calls it a “wonderful” movement as it enabled women to come out in open and talk about their sufferings.

“However, it went wrong, just like any other utopian idea. The simple idea is, we are human beings first, genders later. And there are dark shades of everyone. All kinds of people exist. So, while the movement was right, but when it became a tool for prosecution of personal vendetta, then it went South,” he wraps up.

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