BJP released a music animation bidding adieu to Mamata Banerjee in the tune of Bella Ciao
BJP released a music animation bidding adieu to Mamata Banerjee in the tune of Bella Ciao

BJP's reply to TMC's new election slogan has Bella Ciao twist

After Trinamool launched its slogan 'Bengal wants its daughter', BJP improvised it and said Bengal wants respite from its didi.
By | Edited by Poulomi Ghosh
UPDATED ON FEB 21, 2021 01:20 PM IST

The tempers ahead of the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 are rising as a stiff campaign war has ensued between the BJP and the Trinamool. After the Trinamool launched is election slogan 'Bengal wants its daughter', the BJP improvised that and made is 'Bengal wants relief from didi', and released it with an animation music video.

The tune of the music has been taken from Bella Ciao, which is an Italian protest song but has been adapted several times and has become a protest song against fascist forces.

‘Bengal wants its daughter’: TMC launches new slogan

On taking a leaf out of a Communist song, the BJP said that the ideologies may differ but the "language of protest always rings true".

"A tune from Communist Italy, sung to protest against atrocities, echoes once again in West Bengal as people stand up to the injustices of the ruling dispensation," the BJP tweeted from its main official handle.

In the video, Mamata Banerjee has been accused of weakening the industry, the infrastructure of the state, and of failing to create jobs.

Several states are going to the Assembly elections this year, but West Bengal is getting more attention because of the exodus the ruling party in the state is experiencing just ahead of the election.

As Trinamool is hammering home the narrative of 'insider-outsider' — the BJP being an outsider in West Bengal, the BJP leadership is building suspense over its chief minister candidate. Union home minister Amit Shah has recently said BJP's CM candidate will not be an outsider.

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