If India-China ties remain frictional, everybody will take advantage, says ex-foreign secy Jaishankar at HTLS 2018

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Oct 07, 2018 09:10 AM IST

The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2018 ended on Saturday after two days of riveting discussions and keynote addresses by Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Union finance minister Arun Jaitley.Other Prominent speakers at the summit were Hollywood actor Will Smith, Union minister Piyush Goyal and badminton ace PV Sindhu among others.Here are the highlights:

5:40 PM IST

HTLS 2018 comes to an end

After 2 days of riveting speeches and discussions, Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2018 concludes.

5:28 PM IST

Why does China continue to oppose India Security Council membership?

There is not enough communication between India and China. We need to increase the trust, says Huiyao Wang.

5:25 PM IST

‘Xi trying to limit fronts that China fights on’

Xi Jinping is trying to limit fronts that China fights on, says Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan. The Wuhan summit was part of this initiative, adds Cabestan.

5:22 PM IST

India and China must reach out and sort out problems: Jaishankar

If India-China relations remain particularly frictional, everybody will take advantage, including countries friendly with India, China: ex-foreign secy Jaishankar.

5:19 PM IST

Trade deficit a big problem between India and China: Jaishankar

Trade deficit is not just a issue between US and China but it is also a very big problem between India and China, says S Jaishankar

5:13 PM IST

India-China relationship growing

India-China relationship has been growing in the last 20 years: Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan

5:10 PM IST

India and China have issues: S Jaishankar

India had a lot of issues with China. We (India-China) had issues on One Belt One Road, NSG, Masood Azhar: S Jaishankar.

5:07 PM IST

OBOR discouraging countries to deal with China: Jaishankar

The implications of rise of China is hugely underestimated. Its impact is very profound: S Jaishankar.

Message that comes out of One Belt One Road is a very strong message and does not give the rest of the world confidence to deal with China, says S Jaishankar.

4:57 PM IST

Next session on India-China relations

The session is being chaired by Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, who will be in conversation with Dr Huiyao Wang (Founder and President, Centre for China and globalization), S Jaishankar (Former foreign secretary on India) and Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan (Professor, Department of government and international studies, Hong Kong Baptist University)

4:54 PM IST

World Championships or Olympics: Which are tougher?

Pressure of expectations when you are part of a contingent at multi-nation events is more. But Wold Championships are much tougher: Heena Sidhu

4:51 PM IST

Heena Sidhu on rivalry with Manu Bhaker

I told Manu after the CWG gold that she reminds me of how I was at her age. The times have changed as the youngsters are getting a lot of support. Even their victories are celebrated by the media. I feel an invisible connect with her. One Manu Bhaker is not enough, we need more. We needed a third strong player and I want more Manu Bhakers

4:44 PM IST

PV Sindhu on rivalry with Saina Nehwal

Having a rivalry is not a bad thing as when you go on to the court you play for yourself. We play in different academies but when we play for the country we are one team. When we play against each other we are rivals but off the court we are friends: PV Sindhu

4:41 PM IST

PV Sindhu on why she chose badminton

Both my parents were Volleyball players. So there was a court, and I used to play for fun with my sister. I was interested in badminton, and just continued to play that game: PV Sindhu.

4:38PM IST

I even tried shot put at school: Heena Sidhu

When I was growing up in the 90s cricket was everything. My father wanted either my brother or me to take up sports. Since cricket was the big thing, my brother was picked to play and he used to travel and studies was not big on the agenda for him.

I felt why should sports not be an option for me. I tried everything in school, including shot put.

I just started shooting as a hobby. I was studying medicine and I needed something lighter so I took up shooting. I just went on winning medals and that’s how things took its course.

My brother is now into academics and he is a geek.

4:36 PM IST

PV Sindhu on her road ahead

Every day is a new start. People say you have won so much. But I look at everything as a new start. The expectations are very high now, people have also asked why do I lose in the final. I am happy to win a silver. The journey to the final is one thing and playing the final is another thing. I tell myself I will win the gold next time

4:33 PM IST

Heena Sidhu on her goals

I keep going because I am trying to discover the game. I am not here to perform or win medals. The first time I picked up the pistol, I loved it. Every time I go to the range, I try to get the same feeling. You can’t keep running after a medal for 10-15 years.

4:29 PM IST

I don’t run for medals: Hima Das

I don’t run after medals, I run after time. I always try to improve my performance: Hima Das

4:28 PM IST

PV Sindhu on her coach

My conversations with Gopi sir (Pulella Gopichand) are mostly about my game. My goals have always been short term. So our conversation is mostly about the next day, the next match, the next game. You never know where you are tomorrow so need to focus on small goals.

4:23 PM IST

Important to be aggressive as a shooter: Heena Sidhu.

In shooting, it is very important to be aggressive. But no matter what your emotion is, you have to be in the present. You cannot think of the medal or outcome, or a bad shot that you just fired: Heena Sidhu.

Keep doing one shot at a time, one breath at a time: Heena Sidhu.

4:18 PM IST

Do you feel part of the sporting revolution in India?

Yes, the times have changed now. When I started shooting 12 years back, things were very different. It’s not just the recognition we get, things are now easier for the juniors: Shooter Heena Sidhu.

When I started playing, I had all the support. I have to be thankful in the way that there has been lot of sponsors. But it has to start at the grassroot level: Shuttler PV Sindhu.

There is a lot of talent in villages, but they do not get the opportunities: Athlete Hima Das.

4:14 PM IST

A treat for all the sports buffs in the house

Badminton ace PV Sindhu, shooter par excellence Heena Sidhu and India’s latest track sensation Hima Das will speak at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

3:58 PM IST

Facebook on political ads on the platorm

Our goal is to be able to telll users if any political party is advertising with us, says Richard Allan.

3:56 PM IST

Taking steps to ensure data isn't used for political use: Facebook

How will you assure users that personal data will not be mined for political use? asks Prashant Jha.

Our terms are very clear on that and we have taken a number of steps that has made it much difficult for people to do that: Richard Allan, VP Policy, Facebook.

Even if somehow, technically, they get hold of data, we’ll ask them not to do it and it we still find them doing it, we’ll limit their use of the platform, adds Richard Allan.

3:49 PM IST

Facebook’s take on Cambridge Analytica investigation on in India

We are cooperating fully with the agency investigating the matter in India, says Richard Allan.

We believe that the data selling was limited to the US and that people in India were not affected, says Richard Allan.

3:47 PM IST

Can users trust Facebook?

Yes, says VP Policy solutions Richard Allan.

3:45 PM IST

Eventful year for Facebook

Richard Allan, VP Policy solutions, in conversation with Prasahant Jha, National political editor , Hindustan Times.

3:38 PM IST

How to handle depression?

More than 15 days of persistant sadness, professional help is needed. And, families and friends should suggest that: Dr Shekhar Saxena.

Don’t try to prematurely fix depression. Just be open to listening, says David Spiegel.

3:36 PM IST

Depression in India

3:33 PM IST

Mental health to be part of Indian govt’s insurance scheme

India has launched the Ayushman Bharat. The health minister assured me that mental health would be part of it: Dr Shekhar Saxena.

3:31 PM IST

‘Nobody is 100% mentally healthy’

Nobody is 100% mentally healthy, but nobody is 100% mentally ill: Dr Shekhar Saxena.

3:28 PM IST

David Spiegel on suicides in India

Suicide is a leading cause of death among Indians. If it were something physical killing as many people, people would have said we need to do something about it, but because it is mental illness it doesn’t get talked about as much, says David Spiegel.

3:25 PM IST

#MeToo campaigns were long overdue

The #MeToo campaigns were long overdue. I had the pleasure of authoring papers with Christine Blasey Ford (Who is involved in the Brett Kavanaugh case). If someone is abused as a child, the trauma stays on. There are many reasons people will keep such horrible events to themselves and not come out: David Spiegel.

I am ashamed of the way our country (US) has handled the entire Christine Ford issue: David Spiegel

3.17 PM IST

People with depression need to be heard: David Spiegel

A person with depression will be worse if people do not listen to them. Their feeling of being underwhelming will get reinforced. Nobody will go back feeling bad if you say ‘I am here to listen, says David Spiegel

3:15 PM IST

Perils of social media

Any media can have positive or negative effects. Whatever means you can find to connect to people can be positive. But over-dependency on social media is bad: Dr Saxena.

WHO just included gaming disorder as a clear disorder. People can become completely dependent on gaming. Similar thing can happen with social media, says Shekhar Saxena.

3:11 PM IST

Why is there stigma around mental health

Mental illnesses have been stigmatised for a very long time. Society is still not accepting that mental illness is just like a physical illness, says Dr Shekhar Saxena.

3:07 PM IST

Session on ‘Mental health: How to start the conversation’

Harvard professor Dr Shekhar Saxena and Willson professor from Stanord University David Spiegel will be in conversation with Sanchita Sharma (Editor, Health and Science at Hindustan Times) on how to start the conversation on mental health.

3:05 PM IST

Photographer Steve McCurry captures the crowd

Photographer Steve McCurry took his phone out and clicked photographs of the gathering.

2:52 PM IST

Steve McCurry narrates the story behind his iconic click ‘Afghan Girl’

I was in a refugee camp in Afghanistan. I was on my way to lunch, when I heard voices from a tent, that happened to be a girls’ school. Before I had a chancce to ask for permission, I saw a little girl in the corner. I photographed some of the others while seeking for permission, but I had my eyes on her. The light was perfect, the background was perfect. I literally didn’t have to do anything other than ensure that the focus is sharp. And it changed my life, says Steve McCurry.

2:46 PM IST

Steve McCurry on his love for India

2:44 PM IST

South Asia is my muse: Steve McCurry

I think of myself as a poet. You have to follow your heart. My muse has been in South Asia: Photographer Steve McCurry at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2018

2:40 PM IST

Art is not about beauty: Raghu Rai

Art is not about beauty, it is about human expression, says Raghu Rai.

2:20 PM IST

Next up: Steve McCurry, photographer who captured the iconic ‘Afghan girl’

Steve McCurry is known for clicking the photograph of the Afghan girl who featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Click here to read the story behind the picture.

1:35 PM IST

After lunch, photographer Steve McCurry on capturing the magic moment

Photographer Steve McCurry will be the next speaker at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. The session will start at 2.20pm.

1:20 PM IST

Imitations are a compliment: Missoni

When my designs are copied for cheaper imitations, I take it as an compliment, says Angela Missoni.

1:11 PM IST

What is one thing that you would like to see in the future of luxury?

I would like to go in and feel like I am being taken care of, says creative director Angela Missoni.

1:02 PM IST

Fashion designers on ‘practical’ bridal dresses

Brides should wear lehengas that they are able to walk in, says Tarun Tahiliani

Angela Missoni says I am always working on light-weights and dresses that are easy. I don’t want someone to suffer.

12:55 PM IST

How do you define luxury today

There is misunderstanding of the word Luxury. Luxury doesn’t have to expensive, but it has to be precious, says Angela Missoni.

Luxury was always for the feel, Tarun Tahiliani

12:45 PM IST

Fadnavis on urban naxalism

Call them urban Naxals or whatever but they have a larger conspiracy to foment violence: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at HT Leadership Summit 2018.

I don’t recognise extreme right or left, I will take action against those who are acting against the Constitition, says Fadnavis.

12:42 PM IST

Pakistan has a long-term plan of destroying our youth, says Punjab CM

Punjab drug problem is at a critical point. We are going hammer and tongs at solving the problem: Capt Amarinder Singh.

12:35 PM IST

Confident of being in power for 5 years: Karnataka CM

I will be there (in power) for 5 years. I’m fully confident: Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

My media friends predict that I will fall tonight--next morning. Some sections of society are predicting that. But I have full support for (government): Kumaraswamy.

12:30 PM IST

Punjab CM on crop stubble burning

Stubble burning needs an economic solution for farmers: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh at HT Leadership Summit 2018

12:23 PM IST

3 chief ministers on fuel price rise

Bringing fuel under GST structure won’t solve price problem: Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy at HT Leadership Summit 2018.

I support bringing fuel under GST: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. “Yes, prices will go down, if you bring it under GST, but we need to think of alternatives,” says Fadnavis.

12:20 PM IST

No state being left out by govt: Devendra Fadnavis

Many states had to go to Centre for clearances. But now the PM holds Pragati (Development talks) with every state. No state is left out, says Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis.

12:19 PM IST

CM Kumaraswamy on issues that his state Karnataka faces

I’m getting respect from central ministers, but issues remain. Water dispute is one of them: Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy at HT Leadership Summit 2018.

12:16 PM IST

Punjab CM on issues the state faces

Punjab is feeding the country but the country is not feeding us. We have no industry: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh at HT Leadership Summit 2018

12:12 PM IST

No issues with the Centre: Punjab CM

I have not had any problems with the Centre. I am getting full co-operation, says Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh.

12:05 PM IST

3 chief ministers in discussion

Chief ministers of Punjab, Karnataka and Maharashtra would be in discussion now.

11:54 AM IST

Thought this was a Q&A session? Think again

Farhan Akhtar is teaching Will Smith some Bhangra moves, which would definitely help if and when he features in a Bollywood song.

11:52 AM IST

To be in a Bollywood dance sequence on my bucket list: Will Smith

One of the things on my bucket list is to be on a Bollywood dance sequence: Will Smith on making his Bollywood debut

11:48 AM IST

Will Smith’s pursuit of happyness

My childhood wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. There was violence as I grew up. So I wanted certain things for my kids. The family me and my wife have created is the coming together of a 40-year old dream. I always wanted to get married and have a happy family.

So the year Karate Kid released I felt that I had achieved everything in terms of my family life.

11:40 AM IST

Will Smith boxed his way to glory in the movie Ali

 Playing Muhammad Ali was the most formative time in my career. It changed me forever, says Will Smith.

11:13 AM IST

Will Smith on India

I have loved it in India. The contrast was very beautiful to me. On any street corner you could cross a thousand years. There could be someone on a brand new cellphone and someone on a cart. The intermingling of the ages and the lifestyle is amazing: Will Smith

11:05 AM IST

Will Smith in the house

Will Smith will be in conversation with Farhan Akhtar.


5 mins to go before Will Smith takes the stage

Excited to see the Men in Black star at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit? So are we.

10:55 AM IST

Stay tuned for Will Smith

Actor, Prodcuer, Writer and Musician Will Smith will be the next speaker. Session to start at 11.05 am.

10:46 AM IST

India needs a stable govt in 2019: Jaitley

India is consistently growing fast. Therefore, you need coherence in government and policy: Arun Jaitley.

“This isn’t a time for anarchic combinations. Aspirational societies don’t commit suicide,” says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley about Opposition’s attempts to form mahagathbandhan or grand alliance.

10:44 AM IST

Jaitley on Opposition’s Grand Alliance

Talks of a larger alliance have taken place in the last few months. My views are Mahagatbandhan are tried, tested and failed ideas, says Arun Jaitley

2019 will be a choice between a stable government with a coherent policy and a strong leader versus a completely anarchic combination, says Jaitley.

10:40 AM IST

No place for rogue businesses: Jaitley

We need to have layers of accountability to the system, adds Jaitley.

10:38 AM IST

Jaitley on growth of middle class

In the last 20 years if you look behind, China’s phenomenal growth dominated the global story. I think this expanding Indian middle class over the next 20 years and its purchasing power is going to globally impact not only the India story but will have its impact outside also, says Arun Jaitley

10:34 AM IST

No anti-business sentiment: Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley says that there isn’t an anti-business sentiment. “Quite to the contrary where you have discretions being eliminated, where you people not lining up for environmental clearances and licences, in fact I feel left out now as no body visits me in north block. They need not come to north block at all, it is an ideal system. You don’t have to go to the Udyog Bhavan for clearances, things happen on their own. So, that’s a pro-business development,” he says.

10:28 AM IST

Certain that India can maintain current growth rate for a decade or two: Jaitley

Huge avenues for growth for Indian economy in the next 10-20 years, says Arun Jaitley.

India’s ability to maintain present growth rate for a decade or two is certain, Jaitley adds.

10:25 AM IST

Sentiment against Indian economy not negative, says Jaitley

Sentiment against Indian economy is not negative: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at HT Leadership Summit 2018.

Foreign direct investment flows to India won’t be affected, adds Jaitley.

10:22 AM IST

Jaitley on rising rupee

Most currencies are weakening against the dollar. It is a global phenomenon, says Arun Jaitley.

10:20 AM IST

Jaitley on state of Indian economy

Let me compare it first with 2013. Nothing could be worse than 2013. The current account deficit was 4.7%. The average rate of inflation under UPA-II was 10.4%, says Arun Jaitley when asked about the current state of Indian economy.

10:14 AM IST

Arun Jaitley on the Aadhaar judgement

I think the Aadhaar judgement is a very sound judgement, says Arun Jaitley.

You have a system where you give a lot of the goverrnment’s money to all kinds of people. Aadhar is meant for subsidies reaching the bank account directly: Arun Jaitley.

10:04 AM IST

Don’t agree that sexuality a part of free speech: Arun Jaitley

SC judgment on Section 377 (law that criminalised homosexuality) part of sustained campaign for social reform: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at HT Leadership Summit 2018

I am not on the decriminalisation of Section 377. The court took a lot of views, but you get carried away while making these historical judgements: Arun Jaitley

Disagree with judicial view in SC judgment on Section 377 that sexuality is part of free speech, Jaitley added.

10:03 AM IST

Recent SC judgements important, but different: Jaitley

Union minister Arun Jaitley says the recent Supreme Court judgements on Sabarimala, Section 377 and Aadhaar are separate issues.

9:55 AM IST

Finance minister Arun Jaitley to speak shortly

Finance minister Arun Jaitley is making a keynote address at HTLS 2018

9:50 AM IST

10 minutes to go

The second day of the star-studded Hindustan Times Leadership Summit will start shortly. Arun Jaitley will be the first speaker of the day.

9:45 AM IST

Missed Day 1? Here’s a recap

9:35 AM IST

Will Smith to be in the house

The multi-faceted Will Smith will be in conversation with Farhan Akhtar at 11.05pm. Stay tuned for the ‘Pursuit of Happyness’.

9:30 AM IST

Messi or Ronaldo? Pele had an answer

9:15 AM IST

When Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone set the stage on fire

On Day 1 of Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone were sporting enough to dance on the stage.


Second day of HTLS to kick off shortly

Union Finance minister Arun Jaitley will be in conversation with R Sukumar, Editor-in-chief, Hindustan Times. The session will start at 10am

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