Lady Singham, Neha Pachisia from Guna, MP(Facebook)
Lady Singham, Neha Pachisia from Guna, MP(Facebook)

This ‘Lady Singham’ from MP is beating gloom by singing and dancing with her team

Pachisia says such mood-lifting activities help them prepare for the challenges that lie ahead...
Hindustan Times | By Prerna Gauba
UPDATED ON JUL 04, 2020 12:13 PM IST

Police officers across India are relentlessly fighting the COVID­19 pandemic across India. From collecting and distributing food to the needy, enforcing social distancing and providing shelter to migrants, they are working almost 18 hours a day non-stop without meeting their families. Rising to the occasion, senior most police officers across India have been singing and dancing to encourage their team and beat gloom. We had never witnessed such heartwarming sights before!

In Guna Kotwali in Madhya Pradesh, DSP Neha Pachisia’s video dancing to the tunes of ‘Sandeshe Ate Hai,’ a song from the movie Border has gone viral. The police officer’s team also joins her in the video. “As we fight a continuous battle against Covid-19, we are working very long working hours with no break, so I thought of boosting my team’s morale with a dance. We could so relate to the song…when our loved ones ask, ke ghar kab aaoge,” says Pachisia, who is known as Lady Singham of her area.

One day, Pachisia was talking to her team, and the pent up pain came out. “One day, I asked my team if they had any complaints, some said they were away from family for days, some were missing their mother who was alone, some had not seen their children, some had health issues. They were feeling low, so I thought of boosting their mood, and make them feel that we are family,” she says. She asked everyone to share to whatever talent they had. When nobody came ahead, she took the lead and started dancing and singing. Soon, her entire team joined her.

Pachisia says such mood-lifting activities help them prepare for the spirit-sapping conditions that they face everyday. “We come across a lot of depressing incidents whole day..someone is starving, someone needs urgent medical care, some woman has been battered by her husband, taking advantage of the lockdown. In such circumstances, one needs to have nerves of steel. Unless we bond as a team, and keep our spirits really high, we will give in to gloom. Singing and dancing are great activities to build team spirit and heal the mind and the soul,” she says.

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