MP Sanjay Raut.(HT file photo)
MP Sanjay Raut.(HT file photo)

‘Topic of emergency should be buried once and for all’, says Shiv Sena

  • The Shiv Sena's mouthpiece Saamana asked what was the need to revisit the same topic again and again when it has become obsolete.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 07, 2021 02:51 PM IST

The Shiv Sena on Sunday said the topic of India's Emergency of 1975 is 'outdated' and must be 'buried once and for all'. Party mouthpiece Saamana has also termed the present situation in the country no different than the emergency.

"The present situation in the country prompts us to say 'situation during emergency was better,” Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut wrote in his weekly column RokhThok.

Raut said newspapers and media houses are now being controlled, many opposition leaders are jailed, public property is up for sale, and only some people are gaining from it while those who point out this is wrong are termed 'enemies of the country'. Those who speak frankly and sometimes criticize the actions of the government, including persons from the film industry such as Anurag Kashyap and Tapsee Pannu were raided by the income tax department.

"How is this any different from the emergency?" the column questioned.

Talking about the arrest of Disha Ravi, the 22-year old environment activist for sedition, Raut asked, "Why is the government afraid of a 22-year old? Does such an action suit the world's biggest democracy? Such incidents erode the basis of democracy."

It went on to say that renaming of the Motera stadium in Ahmedabad after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a resounding reminder of the slogan coined during emergency, "Indira is India". Now Indira's place has been taken by Narendra Modi, it said.

The column also questioned if it is necessary for Rahul Gandhi to express the view that the emergency was wrong and revisit the topic. Indira Gandhi was criticised by people for the aspects of emergency that were wrong, she was forgiven, and then re-elected.

“Why revisit the same topic again and again? That topic has now become obsolete,” it said. Praising Rahul Gandhi for his frankness, it said that what he spoke simply became a talking point.

It went on to say that an era has passed since Indira Gandhi declared the emergency in the country, under very specific circumstances. Now there is a generation in politics and in journalism that has nothing to do with the emergency period.

"Those who were never affected by the emergency now hold power in the central government and in many states. Yet BJP continues to grind axe over the emergency, this is very surprising," it said.

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