A screenshot of the Amazon advertisement video promoting inter-faith solidarity.(Amazon)
A screenshot of the Amazon advertisement video promoting inter-faith solidarity.(Amazon)

Watch | This Amazon ad shows a touching friendship between an imam and a priest

Amazon’s latest Christmas advertisement promotes inter-faith solidarity and religious tolerance.
Hindustan Times | By Sahiba Chawdhary
UPDATED ON NOV 21, 2016 07:42 PM IST

Amazon’s latest advertisement showing the friendship between a priest and an imam is trending as a message for religious tolerance and against xenophobia.

Given the recent anti-Semitic attacks and religious intolerance, the online retail company decided to respond by producing its Christmas advertisement promoting inter-faith solidarity.

The advertisement promoting Amazon’s Prime membership feature, shows two old friends, an imam and a priest, catching up over tea. As the imam leaves, they talk about pain in their knee-caps and difficulties while praying.

Both decide to surprise each other with knee-caps that they ordered via Amazon app and that was delivered using the Prime membership feature.

The 80-second advertisement, produced by London ad agency Joint, ends with the two religious men kneeling and praying to their respective gods.

Amazon has announced that they will launch the campaign in the US, UK and Germany, spreading the message of solidarity and inter-faith friendship.

Some even suggested that it was a strong response to the Trump’s 2016 election campaign, which made banning Muslims from entering America a poll issue.

“We think it is an authentic and charming story,” Simon Morris, director of advertising at Amazon, told The Guardian. “We think it is a legitimate story. We are conscious that some people may be sensitive to it. It is about selflessness and thinking of other people.”

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, was proud of his company’s advertorial accomplishments as well.

As the ad hit social media, it quickly warmed hearts across the world.

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