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India vs Australia, 1st ODI Chennai highlights: IND beat AUS by 26 runs via DLS

Hardik Pandya had a brilliant day as he took two wickets in addition to his magnificent 83 as India beat Australia by 26 runs via DLS to take a 1-0 lead in the series. Rain delayed the start of the Australian innings by close to two hours and the match was reduced to 21 overs. Pandya chipped in with the ball to take two wickets while Yuzvendra Chahal picked up 3/30. Catch highlights of India vs Australia, 1st ODI, Chennai, here.

india vs australia 2017 Updated: Sep 17, 2017 22:38 IST
Siddharth Vishwanathan
Siddharth Vishwanathan
Hindustan Times, New Delhi
India vs Australia,India national cricket team,Australia national cricket team
Hardik Pandya’s spraking all-round performance helped India beat Australia by 26 runs in a match reduced to 21 overs due to rain in Chennai. Catch highlights of India vs Australia, 1st ODI, here(PTI)

Hardik Pandya produced a dazzling all-round performance to help India beat Australia by 26 runs via the DLS method in Chennai to take a 1-0 lead in the five-match ODI series. Pandya took two key wickets in addition to his 83 which helped India reach 281/7. His 118-run stand with MS Dhoni, who slammed his 66th fifty set the basis for India’s revival after Nathan Coulter-Nile picked up three wickets. However, rain interrupted the Australian chase by two hours as the match was reduced to 21 overs. However, Yuzvendra Chahal picked up 3/30 to dent the Australians. Catch highlights of India vs Australia, 1st ODI, Chennai, here. (IND v AUS SCORECARD) (STREAMING IND v AUS)

10:36 hrs IST: That is all from Chennai. Join us for the second match in Kolkata starting on September 21. Bye Bye!

10:34 hrs IST: Hardik Pandya Man of the Match: It was a good day for me. It feels pretty good. I don’t think anything has changed. I’m the same Hardik. I knew what he was going to bowl. I targetted one over and eventually it helped.

10:32 hrs IST: Virat Kohli: Hardik’s innings was fantastic. It’s a good sign for us. Today was an example, SL was an example, how good they are. The bowling was outstanding as well. Its a matter of time giving players the confidence. He believes in himself. Hardik was the game-changer.

10:28 hrs IST: Steve Smith: MS (Dhoni) and Hardik (Pandya) played really well. We couldn’t capitualize with the start. The new ball was stopping a bit and some were skidding on. We lost too many wickets in the middle

10:23 hrs IST: In Australia’s last 11 games away from home, they have lost nine and two have been no-results. This confirms the fact that Australia simply struggle away from home.

10:14 hrs IST: India achieve a 26-run win in the first ODI in Chennai and take a 1-0 lead in the five-match series. Hardik Pandya the star with 82 and two wickets while Yuzvendra Chahal was the pick of the bowlers with 3/30 in five overs.

10:03 hrs IST: WICKET! Slower ball from Bhuvneshwar and Coulter-Nile heaves it to deep mid wicket. India one wicket away from win.

9:54 hrs IST: WICKET! Chahal takes his third wicket and India close in. Cummins looks to slog a leg break to mid wicket but gets the outside edge that is taken at backward point. Pat Cummins c Bumrah b Chahal 9 (7).

9:47 hrs IST: Catch dropped! Pat Cummins lofts to long off and Kedar Jadhav drops the catch. However, India still on top.

9:44 hrs IST: WICKET! The lightning reflexes of MS Dhoni gives Chahal his second wicket, Wade is beaten in the flight and the rest is done by the keeper. Wade st Dhoni b Chahal 9 (11).

9:42 hrs IST: Australia need 73 off 36. Too much of an ask, one feels. But, you never know with Faulkner.

9:36 hrs IST: Wade finds the boundary but the asking rate is mounting for Australia. With Bhuvneshwar and Bumrah having some overs, the asking rate in the death overs will be too much for Australia.

9:31 hrs IST: WICKET! Stoinis’ struggle ends. He miscues the slog sweep and Ravindra Jadeja takes a simple catch at deep mid wicket. Australia stumbling towards defeat. Stoinis c (sub) Jadeja b Kuldeep 3 (10).

9:30 hrs IST: Missed stumping! For once, Dhoni shows he is mortal as he fails to collect the ball.

9:28 hrs IST: WICKET! The fun is over. Maxwell toe-ends the slog sweep and holes out to long on. Maxwell c Pandey b Chahal 39 (18).

9:21 hrs IST: 4,6,6,6! Maxwell blasts Kuldeep for a hat-trick of sixes. Can the Big Show put on a spectacular show? He has gone past 2000 runs in ODIs.

9:12 hrs IST: Maxwell keeps Australia in the game with two boundaries, one over third man and a slog over deep mid wicket. But, the asking rate is mounting.

9:08 hrs IST: WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav is pumped up. Flatter delivery and it skids through, Warner is cramped for the cut and he feathers an edge to Dhoni. Warner c Dhoni b Kuldeep 25 (28).

9:01 hrs IST: WICKET! Another wicket for Pandya, who is sure to be the Man of the Match now. Full ball and outside off, Head wafts at it and Dhoni does the rest. Head c Dhoni b Pandya 5 (6).

8:53 hrs IST: WICKET! Pandya’s day only gets better. Good length ball that leaps up from the deck, Smith gets a top edge that is taken by Bumrah at long leg. Hardik Pandya c Bumrah b Pandya 1 (5).

8:45 hrs IST: WICKET! Cartwright’s off stump goes cart-wheeling. Full ball and it skids through, Cartwright misses with the swipe to the on side and the off stump is knocked out. Cartwright b Bumrah 1 (8).

8:42 hrs IST: FOUR! Warner finds the boundary again with a tuck to long leg and Yuzvendra Chahal cannot stop it. However, it is a good comeback from the bowler.

8:37 hrs IST: Warner gets going with a boundary straight down the ground but Cartwright struggles. Australia 7/0 after two overs.

8:33 hrs IST: Great start for Bhuvneshwar as he concedes just two runs. Good variations and swing for Bhuvi.

8:28 hrs IST: David Warner and Hilton Cartwright have come out to open. We are all set to start. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the bowling.

8:23 hrs IST: Play will start at 8:30 PM IST. Target for Australia: 164 in 21 overs.

8:10 hrs IST: One hopes that the game resumes. Normally, in this kind of drizzle, play could have continued but in this case, they have chosen to stay in the dressing room. Weird!

8:01 hrs IST: The covers are coming off again. Oh boy! This is dramatic to say the least. Wel,, we will know the revised timing soon. The super soppers are at work.

7:59 hrs IST: If the rain does not stop by 8:15, then the match could be called off earlier.

7:51 hrs IST: Still no signs of the rain relenting in Chepauk. Not good signs unless there is a miracle.

7:45 hrs IST: If the game starts at 8:34 hrs IST, then Australia will have to chase 159 in 20 overs, according to calculations. However, the rain must stop by 8:10-8:15 for the game to begin by that time.

7:39 hrs IST: If the match gets washed out, there is NO reserve day for this series. Just to put it into perspective, the India vs Sri Lanka games had a reserve day. Priorities indeed. The rain has intensified in Chepauk.

7:33 hrs IST: If match does not start by 8:35 PM IST, then the game will be called off. It is very much touch and go in Chepauk. The main square is under cover.

7:28 hrs IST: The Indian team, who had stayed back out on the outfield, now return back to the dressing room as the rain becomes a bit heavier.

7:26 hrs IST: The covers are back on the pitch. We might have to wait a bit longer. This is really turning farcical.

7:24 hrs IST: Oh boy! This is tremendously frustrating. The rain has returned and off go the players again. The players are standing out in the middle. There is some confusion whether to bring the covers back on.

7:21 hrs IST: The Indian players are huddled out near the boundary. Australia are getting ready. We are about to start play soon.

7:16 hrs IST: Covers are slowly coming off. Now, we only wait for the resumption and the revised target.

7:07 hrs IST: The drizzle has gotten steadier unfortunately and the second cover is coming out.

7:04 hrs IST: The drizzle is very light. Our correspondent at the ground says that he cannot see it. Thus, this seems to be too cautious to cover the playing square.

6:56 hrs IST: The rain is not that heavy but it is very persistent. Unless the rain stops totally, the covers cannot be removed and neither can the ground staff do anything about it.

6:51 hrs IST: Oh boy! It has started to rain again. The covers are coming back on. This is very frustrating for the Chennai fans.

6:42 hrs IST: There are reports that 260 will be the target for Australia. It is! Not confirmed yet! The wait continues.

6:36 hrs IST: Play will start at 7:00 PM IST. 43 overs for Australia. Target not yet known.

6:28 hrs IST: The umpire are involved in an intense discussion with the ground staff. There is some confusion whether or not to remove the covers. The covers finally come off. We might lose one or two overs.

6:19 hrs IST: The drizzle is on and off at the moment. Unless the rain totally clears, the covers will not be removed.

6:13 hrs IST: We will now start losing overs in about 20 minutes time. Shame if this is a curtailed match, but Australia will face an even more uphill task.

6:02 hrs IST: The Super Soppers are out in the middle. The drizzle is faint. Lets hope it goes away.

5:45 hrs IST: The main pitch has been covered. The rain is not that heavy though. It should clear up soon.

5:33 hrs IST: India end on 281/7 but it has started to rain in Chepauk. Hope the rain stays away.

5:24 hrs IST: WICKET! Dhoni threatened a big over with a six previous ball but next ball he miscues it to long off to be dismissed for the first time in six international games. MS Dhoni c Warner b Faulkner 79.

5:15 hrs IST: WHAM! What a way to bring up the 50-run stand. Dhoni steps down the track and wallops Faulkner over deep extra cover for a big six. A boundary finishes off a fine over and India are looking good to go past 280.

5:09 hrs IST: Fifty for Dhoni. He is in sublime form. The Chennai crowd are enjoying this moment.

5:04 hrs IST: Two fours by Bhuvneshwar, one straight down the ground and one via an inside edge, mounts Australia’s frustration. 270-280 is a great score.

5:01 hrs IST: After 45 overs, India are 228/6. Can India get to 270? With Dhoni around, possible.

4:59 hrs IST: Appeal for an LBW but not given! Australia review. Big inside edge. What a waste of a review.

4:55 hrs IST: First boundary for MS Dhoni as he nears yet another fifty. Can India get past 270-280? Bhuvneshwar has to give him support.

4:48 hrs IST: Only one run in the 42nd over. Dhoni cannot afford to get out now.

4:42 hrs IST: WICKET! Zampa gets his revenge. Flighted ball and Pandya mistimes the sweep shot to be caught at short third man. Ends a brilliant knock. Pandya c Faulkner b Zampa 83 (66).

4:41 hrs IST: SIX! Another massive hit for Pandya. He gets underneath the flighted delivery and mauls it into the stands at long on. The 200 is up for India.

4:37 hrs IST: BAM! Another massive six. 97 metre six . The 100-run stand is up between Pandya and Dhoni. This is great hitting. After 40 overs, India are 198/5. If these two hang in, 300-plus is possible.

4:31 hrs IST: Pandya’s strike-rate goes up a notch once he reaches his fifty. Now, Chennai will be waiting for MS Dhoni to explode.

4:22 hrs IST: 4,6,6,6! Brilliant stuff from Pandya as he registers his third fifty off 48 balls. He is tearing apart Zampa and India are on the charge. 23 runs in the over and India

4:12 hrs IST: Good variations shown by Stoinis. The slow bouncer and pace of over 135 kmph. India 143/5 after 34 overs.

4:09 hrs IST: Pandya and Dhoni’s partnership has gone past fifty. These two are crucial for India’s chances.

4:03 hrs IST: Unlucky for Wade! The off-cutter from Stoinis and it hits a damp patch in front of the wicketkeeper, it bounces awkwardly and goes to the fine leg fence.

3:55 hrs IST: In the air but safe! Pandya miscues the pull shot off Coulter-Nile and it lands safely. Can India reach 250? Ideal score on this wicket.

3:51 hrs IST: A maiden for Faulkner, but Dhoni and Pandya are building up to seize the initiative in the death overs.

3:43 hrs IST: Edged but safe! Coulter-Nile finds the edge but the ball lands in front of Smith at slip and goes away to the boundary. The Australian captain is furious with himself for not putting a better effort.

3:36 hrs IST: Dhoni and Pandya are building a steady partnership. After 26 overs, India 107/5.

3:27 hrs IST: FOUR! Good ramp shot from Pandya. Short ball and the batsman plays it late and ramp-scoops it over the slips for a boundary.

3:16 hrs IST: WICKET! It does not matter. Short ball from Stoinis and Jadhav mistimes the pull to be caught by Cartwright at mid wicket. Kedar Jadhav c Cartwright b Stoinis 40 (54).

3:14 hrs IST: Run-out chance missed! Dhoni survives. He was sold down the river by Jadhav but Cartwright misses the throw at the striker’s end.

3:11 hrs IST: After 20 overs, India are 84/4. Jadhav is nearing a fifty while Dhoni is looking solid.

3:02 hrs IST: Jadhav has played a good knock so far. Dhoni might take his time to get into the groove before opening up.

2:58 hrs IST: FOUR! Jadhav breaks the shackles with a boundary as he pulls Zampa to the deep mid wicket fence for a boundary.

2:52 hrs IST: WICKET! That is a massive blow for India. Short ball and close to the off stump from Stoinis, Rohit miscues the pull shot and Nathan Coulter-Nile takes the catch at deep mid wicket. Rohit Sharma c Coulter-Nile b Marcus Stoinis 28 (44).

2:48 hrs IST: Only two runs in Adam Zampa’s first over. Rohit Sharma is looking assured.

2:45 hrs IST: First signs of spin in the match. Adam Zampa is into the attack. Can he break this dangerous stand?

2:38 hrs IST: Jadhav crashes Faulkner to the deep backward point boundary but Rohit shows he is in good form by crunching the lofted drive over the bowler for a boundary straight down the ground.

2:32 hrs IST: Steady start for Stoinis. India will be glad that Coulter-Nile and Cummins are off the attack but they will have to plan their innings accordingly.

2:23 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav is aiming to play confidently as he flat-bats a short ball and then caresses a full ball to deep extra cover. Only a couple results but India are 34/3 after 10 overs.

2:17 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma finds his first boundary as he cuts James Faulkner over point for a lovely boundary. India have to stage a revival here.

2:08 hrs IST: Kedar Jadhav is looking in great touch as he smashes his second boundary. Cummins bowls this full delivery a bit too straight on the pads and the batsman clips it to wide long on.

2:02 hrs IST: WICKET! Another wicket for Coulter-Nile. Full ball and again swinging away outside off, Manish Pandey thinks whether to play at it and leaves his bat out to hang, the edge is taken but the third umpire wants to have a look. He is given the marching order. Manish Pandey c Wade b Coulter-Nile 0 (2).

1:58 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant catch from The Big Show as the big wicket falls. Coulter-Nile floats this full delivery wide outside off and it swings away, Kohli need not have played it as he slices it to point, Maxwell leaps and stretches his right hand to pluck it out of thin air. Stunning catch. Virat Kohli c Maxwell b Coulter-Nile 0 (4).

1:56 hrs IST: DROPPED! Oh boy, this could be costly for Australia. Rohit Sharma gets a life on 4.

1:52 hrs IST: Great bowling from Coulter-Nile. Beats Virat Kohli first ball with the away-swinger and then shortens the length to keep him guessing. India are 11/1 after four overs.

1:49 hrs IST: WICKET! Great bowling from Coulter-Nile. Short and wide outside off, Rahane goes for the cut and edges it to Wade and Australia have struck early. Ajinkya Rahane c Wade b Coulter-Nile 5 (15).

1:44 hrs IST: Rohit Sharma looks to bat aggressively. This is a steady start by India.

1:39 hrs IST: Great start for Nathan Coulter-Nile. He is getting some swing. India are 4/0 after two overs.

1:34 hrs IST: Good start for Cummins. Some extra bounce and a little bit of swing. Rohit Sharma gets off the mark with a tuck to square leg. India 3/0 in the first over.

1:29 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma have come out to bat. Pat Cummins will open the bowling.

1:28 hrs IST: This is Australia’s first ODI in Chepauk since the 1996 World Cup quarterfinal against New Zealand. This is Australia’s first match against India at this venue since the 1987 World Cup.

1:25 hrs IST: There was a slight drizzle in the morning. However, conditions are expected to be fine for the rest of the match.

1:16 PM IST: Here are the playing XIs of both teams. KL Rahul misses out for India while Hilton Cartwright makes his ODI debut for Australia.

India: Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

Australia: David Warner, Hilton Cartwright, Steven Smith(c), Travis Head, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Matthew Wade(w), James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa

1:10 PM IST: With play now twenty minutes away, click here to relive five classic encounters between the two sides in India.

1:00 PM IST: India have won the toss and will bat first.

12:50 PM IST: Toss is merely minutes away. Till then, you can read about which five player battles will decide this series.

12:40 PM IST: Getting off to a winning start is always ideal. However, don’t be surprised to see some experimentation from both sides in order for them to find a winning combination.

12:30 PM IST: Hello and welcome to live coverage of the first one-day international between India and Australia.

The last time the two teams met in a Test series, earlier this year, Australians gave India a tough time not only on field but also off-field. Terms like ‘brain fade’ became common-speak as players from both teams never fell short of an opportunity to attack the rivals.

No. 1 ranking

For Smith and Kohli, the ODI series holds another significance. If either of the team wins by at least a 4-1 margin, it will replace South Africa as the No. 1 ODI team.

For India, facing an Australian side without their top two pacers -- Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood -- would certainly work to their advantage but at the same time, the likes of Steve Smith, David Warner and Glenn Maxwell are seasoned pros for whom India is like a “second home”.

India’s batting

In batting, Rohit Sharma has been prolific against the Australians and is coming off a strong performance in the recent limited-overs series in Sri Lanka.

Along with Kohli he is part of a formidable batting unit that could take on any attack. Rohit also indicated that Ajinkya Rahane may don the opener’s role in the absence of Shikhar Dhawan, who has been granted a break to attend to his ailing wife.

Despite the thrashing handed out to the Sri Lankans, the Indian think-tank would be worried about a middle-order that didn’t look too convincing.

KL Rahul’s struggles at the No.4 spot pose a few questions but coach Ravi Shastri has hinted that the Karnataka batsman was being considered for the role given the fact that Rohit and Shikhar Dhawan are the established opening pair.

Kohli himself has been in wonderful form and carved out a couple of tons against Lanka while veteran M S Dhoni guided the team home in his own inimitable style in two matches.

The trio (Kohli, Rohit and Dhoni) will be expected to do bulk of the run scoring while Hardik Pandya would be expected to provide the spark both with bat and ball.

Kedar Jadhav and Manish Pandey have put their hand up in the opportunities they have got and the lower-order too has contributed.

The last time the Australians played a bilateral ODI series in India in 2013, the hosts won seven-match series 3-2 with two games were abandoned due to inclement weather.

Smith’s men would be aiming to exact revenge for the defeat suffered in the 2013 series but a lot depends on batting big and the bowlers.

First Published: Sep 17, 2017 11:54 IST