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6 simple ways to get into Team India!

Do you want to get into Indian team, but don't know where to start? Atul Sondhi shows the way. Your suggestions?
None | By Atul Sondhi
UPDATED ON JUL 26, 2006 11:22 AM IST

The Goliath called Indian cricket - a big money spinning machine for the Board, channels, advertisers, and players.

Countless people are toiling day in and day out to get a place in the sacred eleven, knowing that just one appearance can make a prince out of a pauper. But very few chosen ones are able to unravel the mystery of how to get into the team, and get to stay there.

The author has some tips for the talented ones. Some tried and trusted ways to make your way in, or get to stay there.

Computer literacy

If Sourav indeed manages to squeeze back into the Indian team now, he will not have to thank his ability with the bat as much as the ability with the keyboard. Former skipper's e-mail promises to undo all the damage that the Chappell's e-mail did provided Dalmiya gets ejected out of the CAB by the end of this month.

Just wielding the willow well is simply not good enough. All budding cricketers need to spare some time mastering 3's (Strengthening Software Skills). Knowing the dynamics of e-mail leakages is as important as knowing strengths and weaknesses of the opposing camps. For those who are not computer literate, one fears there is not going to be much hope! Just hitting the ball long and hard may be passé! 

Benevolent injuries

One need not agree with what all Manjrekar has said about Sachin, but for less gifted souls, if you can feign injury, it will help a great deal.

First and foremost, it will ensure that you are rested rather than dropped! There can be nothing worse than getting dropped, as that could instantly signal that you are out of favour - a distinctly uncomfortable feeling that your managers and advertisers can live without. Faith and credibility in you skills can matter a lot in the Indian cricket, especially when striking rich marketing deals.

Second, faking injuries can save one from real injury, the one that can come from facing strong opposition on juicy tracks. Some people still believe that the sight of a lush green Nagpur pitch in 2004 series against Australia aggravated Sourav's injury and he had to withdraw from a match that sealed Australia's series win in India after three long decades.

Parking zone

Are you in the right zone? And here one is not talking about the temperament or the thinking process! After an  illusionary spell of a few years, looks like the zonal politics is back again.

Have selector from your state push your case. Today, being from Punjab or Maharashtra might be an added advantage. Things certainly do not look too bright for the talented ones from places like Bengal, Karnataka or Baroda. Uthappa, Zaheer, and above all, Sourav can vouch for it.

However, do not try to bribe your selector. >>>

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