'93 blasts: Five more convicted

The court convicts five Mohammed Dossa aides for aiding in landing of explosives, reports Mustafa Plumber.

india Updated: Nov 09, 2006 21:01 IST

The special TADA court on Thursday convicted Zameer Ibrahim Kadri, Faki Ali Faki Ahmed, Janardan Gambas, Abdullah Ibrahim Surti and Syed Ibrahim Kadri all aides of absconding accused and prime landing agent Mohammed Dossa, for helping in landing the arms and ammunition, which landed at Dighi in 1993 and destruction of evidence. The court also acquitted one of the aide Syed Ismail Kadri for lack of evidence.

Judge Pramod Kode convicted the Zamir for the charges of conspiracy, and possession of 12-Ak56, 36 magazines and 19,500 cartridges at his house and stocking them in a mango grove in Raigad. Subsequently he was also found guilty for disposing of the arms and ammunition near the Khandalgaon creek in Raigad, which was later, recovered based on the revelations made by co-accused Faki Ali from the creek.

Incidentally, his father Syed Ismail Kadri who was also facing similar charges was acquitted, as the confessional statement of co-accused was not accepted, as it was not recorded properly and he was given the benefit of doubt.

The other person to be convicted was Faki Ali for the charges of concealment and disposal of arms and ammunition. While he was acquitted of the charge of conspiracy, while convicting Faki Ali, the court observed “he was not held guilty for the charge of conspiracy, because he had not concealed the arms and ammunition at his house which had landed for creating terror acts by Tiger Memon.

The court also held fishermen, Janardhan Gambas for the charge of disposing of the arms and ammunition at the Khandalgaon creek and facilitating the landing of the arms and ammunition at the Dighi Jetty. He was also acquitted of the charge of conspiracy, the court observed that “He did not knew till the arms were disposed what was in the wooden boxes”. The next in the dock was Abdul Surti who was convicted for concealment and disposal of arms and ammunition.

Similarly accused Sayyed Ibrahim Kadri was also convicted for the charge of concealment and disposal of arms and ammunition but acquitted of transportation of the consignment from Raigad to Mumbai for lack of evidence.

All the convicted persons are residents of Raigad and most of them a villager who used to help Mohammed Dossa in his smuggling business which he used to do with Tiger Memon.

The TADA court has till now pronounced judgment against 86 accused of which 66 have been convicted and the court acquits 20.

First Published: Nov 09, 2006 14:06 IST