A dose of sushashan for students

A new nursery rhyme on good governance is being written at the block and district level schools in Bihar, reports Anirban Guha Roy.

india Updated: Nov 12, 2006 20:08 IST

'A' for administration, 'B' for Bihar, 'C' for crime and Corruption and 'D' for Development. But the new school of alphabets in Nitish's Bihar is 'E' for Enforcement, 'F' for force and 'G' for Government. If all these letters are arranged, 'C', 'E' and 'F' do not come into play. The rest is good for Bihar, so goes the sentiment.

A new nursery rhyme on sushashan is being written at the block, district and division-level schools where children are learning new alphabets in sync with the government ideas.

Teachers have been asked to apprise children about the state government's achievements over the last one year so that they can attend a quiz competition to be organised by the state publicity department to coincide with the regime's first 'birthday' on November 24.

The teachers, armed with the state order, are working overtime to get their school on the podium.

For instance at GA High School, Lalganj in Vaishali, a teacher, engaged in a coaching session for the big event asks,"What are the basic parameters of development and what type of Bihar would you like to see in the next one year?" Pat comes the reply, a developed Bihar.

"The NDA government has brought a change in work culture and corrupt officers are on the run", the students are told. Said Kalpana, a class IXth student, "Earlier, nobody used to visit offices. Today, even the ministers stay in the secretariat for over 12 hours". Another student says,"This government has improved roads and finances and law and order, too."

Education Minister Brishan Patel does not believe this will politicise students.
"It is good students are being taught something outside their syllabus," he said. PRD Secretary Vivek Kumar Singh said, "It is an awareness programme aimed at helping students understand Bihar in a better way. It does focus on government work. But then, what is wrong in teaching them current affairs."

The main opposition party RJD is, however, not pleased. Party chief and Railway Minister Lalu Prasad said teaching students about its achievements was just like blowing one's own trumpet. "Teachers are just following the government's diktat without believing in it," he said. Lalu is planning a bit of Gandhigiri with his party workers. "We are going to felicitate the teachers who are engaged in this type of work," he added.

However, Lalu's critics asked, "When Laluji had himself authorised his own biography, Mitti-ke-Gaurav to be taught in schools during his tenure, what's wrong if the new regime wants to tell them where are we headed?"

First Published: Nov 12, 2006 19:57 IST