A peek into chamber of evil

The house where Nithari?s children met a brutal end was home to a man who lived a life of luxury, reports Moushumi Das Gupta & AFP.

india Updated: Jan 03, 2007 02:27 IST

The house where Nithari’s children met a brutal end was home to a man who lived a life of luxury — a man who loved his drink, played golf and in his spare time read up on nightmares.

For the first time, on Tuesday evening, Meerut commissioner Deo Dutt, accompanied by senior police officials and the district magistrate, took mediapersons inside the D-5 house of Moninder Singh Pandher, the industrialist accused of spurring his servant Surendra to acts of bestiality. Photographers were not allowed inside. What journalist saw was a duplex structure— Surendra lived on the first floor, which was possibly the scene of crime. “We suspect that the murders were committed on the first floor,” said a senior police official.

The second floor, which has three bedrooms and a drawing room, reveal a taste which was opulent. Near the drawing room is a bar stacked with vintage wine bottles. Five golf clubs lying in the house were seized by the police.

In one of the bedrooms, the officials came across a book by Dr Bryan Weiss, “Many Lives, Many Masters. The book is on recurring nightmares. In another room, a book on the life of JRD Tata was found. There were copies of Savvy, Cosmopolitan and India Today magazines strewn around.

Police have also seized a number of photographs of Pandher with his family members. There were pictures of his school days in Bishop Cotton, Shimla and also of his wife, son and other family members. “The police has seized all the photographs,” said a police official.

A laptop and a web camera found in the house have also been sent for forensic examination. Later talking to mediapersons, Meerut commissioner Deo Dutt said, “The police has seized all such things from the house which will help in the investigation. Once the forensic reports come in, we expect to get more details about the two accused.”

‘A wonderful chap’The businessman, however, has been described by former schoolmates of Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. as a "wonderful chap".

"I remember him as a very tolerant senior boy in school and find it hard to believe he could be a paedophile and psychopath," a schoolmate of Pandher, who did not wish to be named, said late on Monday.

Another schoolmate recalled that Pandher, who later was reported to have graduated from New Delhi's prestigious St Stephen's College and inherited a successful family transport business, was nicknamed "Goldy" in school.

"He was a wonderful chap," the schoolmate, who also did not wish to be named, said.

At the same time, he said Pandher "had a somewhat disturbed childhood," referring to alleged problems involving his mother. He did not elaborate.

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First Published: Jan 03, 2007 02:27 IST