Accepting our 'humanness"

This New Year 2004 will go down in history as the Year when humans finally understood that there is nothing that is bad and ugly.

india Updated: Jan 24, 2004 18:06 IST

This New Year 2004 will go down in history as the Year when humans finally understood that there is nothing that is bad and ugly, in themselves, or in their lives. Each aspect, each level, each dimension is merely another playground to explore its infinite possibilities of bringing balance back into our lives.

As we watched the calendar proclaim another New Year, little did we realize the sweeping changes that will occur in our attitudes towards all that is part of our 'humanness'. As we have made our New Year Resolutions to be slimmer, less greedy, work harder, get that longed for promotion, buy that prized car, we pressure ourselves to enter the world of discipline, which everyone knows can be a slippery, slithery one to stand on.

Let us now read what it is that will really matter to us in this Year 2004.

The Universal Law of Creation is active within us, and in every sentient being around us. It does not stop and observe all that is negative, gory or sinful in our lives, but lovingly embraces every aspect, no matter whether our human minds label them 'good' or 'sinful'. (Even a small pleasurable act like eating a piece of chocolate is made into a 'sinful' activity by the 'carb' watchers!)

Why is it, then, that our petty human minds make such a distinction, leaving all our other aspects of soul and human growth untethered and unattained. We move forward like storm troopers, fighting our battles of the bulge and other 'bad' habits. All such habits are remnants of past life experiences and emotions, which have carried forward into the 'now' to be faced and cleared.

Everything we have a 'charged emotion to', reveals this to us. What we love. What we hate. What we want or don't want, is birthed from the past. Either present past (recent) or past-past (long ago).

We read every new discovery and thought about how to become what we dream of being, of doing of achieving. Knowing that this is the time, the year, the place, we will succeed.

Focusing all of our attention and intention on what is wrong with us, instead of embracing what is really right with us. We are defined by what others tell us is a truth, good for us or bad for us. Not longer do we use the inherent power we have to create within our own personal universe.

When you try to discard any aspect of your humanness whether a bad habit or a fiery temper, or even a shapeless body, you must first come into a place of loving what you do not love. Embracing what you want to release.

As you change the decor of who you think you are, to conform with an unformed image of who you think you should be, release 'what was' lovingly. Don't just smash and discard what you wish to replace. Release it with love. Honour all things as you release them, whether it is the flab, that uncompromising relationship, alcoholism, or a love-dependency. They have served their purpose of making you stronger, through the battle to overcome them.

In this world there are many more stresses, strains and toxins than before, everyday a new food is bad for you and an old food is good for you. Go ahead and drink coffee this week but next week it will be harmful.

For many this is a clean up, fix up, paint up lifetime, the last one in earth's incarnational cycles. You come with multidimensional bad habits (bad habits need a body to work karmically through). Savouring all that life has to offer, subconsciously knowing that this is the last time to indulge in the human senses, to feel all five, or six, of them so intensely and lovingly, that we can taste all the fruits of earthly life.

Come into a sacred place of respecting and honouring your humanness. Love your good bad and ugly equally. Taste all that earth has to offer in moderation; a little bit of all the goodies that have been created, solely for your pleasure. And as you do this, let your soul smile without guilt or remorse. Live this life fully not foolishly.

Let the world just 'be there' for you. Live within it, yet not be so attached to it that your true goals become dim visions.

See yourself as a Star, bright and beautiful, whose inner light grows with each new Earthly experience. Transform everything on Earth into a Spiritual high! Let that be our New Year Resolution for Year 2004!

First Published: Jan 24, 2004 18:06 IST