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Agnivarsha and Rules... are my best performances so far: Milind Soman

Milind Soman's new film Rules - Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula didn't work much at the box office but went down well with city audiences. How different is it being a producer? What was his experience working with a woman director? Read transcript of a chat held on October 3 where he answered a wide array of questions.

india Updated: Aug 06, 2004 13:14 IST

shobha: How was it being a producer? How would you rate your first project?
Milind Soman: It's very exciting to be a producer, to work on a film from the scripting stage to choosing the actors, the location, the people who are going to work on the film, to finally see the film on screen. It's a great experience and loads of fun. Our film was targeted at metro multiplex audience and the response was fantastic, so we are all very happy! Have you seen it?

reema: How was it to work with Parvati Balagopalan?
Milind Soman: Parvati is our partner in e-motion. I have been working with her for the past five years. She directed my first serial Margarita and she is one of the most talented people I've ever met.

smita: I think you are the sexiest man alive! What do you feel when you get that compliment?
Milind Soman: I like it! It's good for business. I wish everyone thought so.

satya: In Rules, Radha did everything to get you. After getting you finally, why did she decide to leave you?
Milind Soman: Because she had a moral crisis. She thought that she had manipulated the entire relationship and it was not real. She thought that if she really loved me, she would not have tricked me. If she had not tricked me, I would have never fallen in love with her. She came to the conclusion that she didn't know the relationship. She didn't want the relationship on manipulation.

pankaj: What are your upcoming films?
Milind Soman: There are another four films that I have completed - Surya, Saazish, Roshni and Bhagmati. And we will start our next film soon called Miya, Biwi aur TV.

sharan: What kind of music do you prefer?
Milind Soman: I like to listen to all kinds of music but I like sentimental ballad. The only music that I don't like is heavy metal.

pooja: A lot of girls swoon over you. I think you must have loads and loads of friends. Why don't you retain them after going around or getting engaged?
Milind Soman: How do you know I don't?

laughingbuddha: Why do you think a movie like Boom failed so badly?
Milind Soman: Because people didn't like it. I have not seen the film.

gagan: What kind of "rules" did you follow for getting your crushes?
Milind_Soman: Be nice to them.

sharp: How did you come up with the title: Rules: Pyar Ka Superhit Formula?
Milind_Soman: We were looking for a title that would be unusual because the normal practice is to take the first line of many of the songs in the film, but that usually doesn't mean anything. We were looking for a title that would tell you what the film was about.

varunminocha: How old are you?
Milind_Soman: 38

laughingbuddha: Will you continue producing films?
Milind_Soman: Definitely!

varunminocha: How difficult is it for a brown skin to make it big in the international fashion arena?
Milind_Soman: Talent will always be noticed.

varunminocha: But you don't look it. What's the secret?
Milind_Soman: Love

rohit: Off late, many models are doing well in Bollywood. What is the reason for their success?
Milind_Soman: The reasons for their success are that people are making more interesting movies. It is not the actor who does the movie, it's the movie.

varunminocha: Who and what are you in love with?
Milind_Soman: I am in love with all I do. I am in love with everyone I meet.

namrata: In 16th December, you worked in a very patriotic role and did well. Will you be doing any such roles in future?
Milind_Soman: I don't know what all kinds of roles I will do. But I hope they will be interesting.

shikha: Why do you like to sport a stubble?
Milind_Soman: I don't like to shave.

varunminocha: Are you seeing anyone now?
Milind_Soman: No

superman: How was it to be bossed around by a "mere woman" (your director)?
Milind_Soman: I loved it. I loved being bossed around by women.

shopian: Why do all celebrities talk like idealists? Don't you think it is being hypocrite?
Milind_Soman: What does it mean - all celebrities?

laughingbuddha: We hear there's a Anoushka in your life?
Milind_Soman: There is no Anoushka in my life.

shorty: Can you share some funny incidents that happened behind the scenes in Rules...?
Milind_Soman: One funny thing which happened (which we didn't find it funny then) was when we travelled for four days looking for snow. We all 70 people drove around for four days all over Uttaranchal looking for snow, and didn't find it. Finally we had to drive upto Manali where we found it (in Himachal). We were looking for the lead actress and we had short-listed three girls and we were all fighting because we didn't know whom we wanted to select. And we kept fighting. Finally we called all the drivers and the peons, and we showed them the auditions, and asked them to choose. And they all chose Meera.

somya: What is the thing that you hate the most in yourself?
Milind_Soman: Nothing! I don't hate anything about myself. In fact, I like myself very much, despite all my weaknesses.

anoop: How does it feel to live in the eyes of the public, all the time? How do you manage time for yourself?
Milind_Soman: After all this while, I don't notice the eyes of the public anymore. And the press has been very kind to be (so far) and has never intruded on my privacy.

rajendrabhai: Which movie productions are you busy with presently?
Milind_Soman: Presently, just looking for good scripts.

laughingbuddha: Tell us about how the Mumbai cop who caught you once for causing an accident as you were found running on the road.
Milind_Soman: Yeah it's true. I love running on the road.

rajendrabhai: Which performance do you consider your best, be it in movies or modelling?
Milind_Soman: In movies, I think Agnivarsha and Rules.

avidasen: We all have an icon in life, who is your role model?
Milind_Soman: I don't have one. I have about a thousand.

rajendrabhai: If a young man or woman wants to start a career in films in Mumbai what two guidelines you would like to give to get success and avoid failure or victimization?
Milind_Soman: Oh God! You can write a book about that. Just believe that this is really what you want and work hard. Understand the business.

rani: How is Milind Soman as a person?
Milind_Soman: Someone who you should really get to know!

jaslok: What are your favourite actors and actresses in the Hindi film industry?
Milind_Soman: I like Aamir Khan as a Nepali in the Coke ad. I like Amitabh Bachchan in Baghban and Ajay Devgan in Gangajal. My other two favorites are Irfan Khan and Boman Irani. I hope you've heard of them.

rajendrabhai: How do you rate yourself emotionally in this tough rat race world?
Milind_Soman: Balanced.

laughingbuddha: How much of Bollywood is business and how much of it is a serious introspection on life, particularly contemporary Indian life?
Milind_Soman: Business is also a reflection of life and Bollywood is all business.

pooja: When will you come as an angry young man?
Milind_Soman: Ha ha! When you send me the script with that role. Looking forward to it.

rajendrabhai: What changes do you see in Bollywood's functioning after the corporatization of film industry with the likes Tata and Birla getting in?
Milind_Soman: Perhaps the only change that can happen, can be made by the audience when they make the industry realize that what they want is interesting cinema.

laughingbuddha: Do you do theatre?
Milind_Soman: I don't but I want to, because I know it can help me.

kranti: What kind of movies you will like to make?
Milind_Soman: Movies with good stories, interesting characters, surprising movies, emotional movies, entertaining movies, fun movies... all kinds of movies.

rajendrabhai: What difference you see in modelling and movie career, as a star of course?
Milind_Soman: A movie career is definitely much longer than a modelling career. Also more exciting and you get to interact and work with a variety of talents.

ronita: Why don't you come in any ads now?
Milind_Soman: Because I don't find them interesting.

laughingbuddha: Have you seen Amol Palekar's Anaahat?
Milind_Soman: No. Not yet, but I might see it tonight. I really respect him as a director. I hope to work with him one day.

rajendrabhai: You most favourite female star of yesteryears and the present and why?
Milind_Soman: I like Nutan, Madhubala and Nargis. And in the present, I like Tabu. Because they are all great talents. And amazing women.

Harish: How did you find Joggers Park?
Milind_Soman: I have not seen it. But I like Perizaad Zorabian.

wahida: Commercially how was Rules?
Milind_Soman: I can't say because it's still showing. But in any case, we didn't put in the money so most of the profits would go to crossover films. For us, it was our first film and that's all that matters to us.

laughingbuddha: Can you speak Marathi fluently?
Milind_Soman: Yes

rajendrabhai: Do you feel you are now settled in career in the film industry? How do you see yourself ten years hence?
Milind_Soman: I have always wanted to have freedom for whatever I wanted to do. And opportunities come to me everyday. I don't know what I will be doing 10 years hence but I am sure it will be something exciting.

nsarbeswar: Who is behind in your success?
Milind_Soman: (smiling..) The inspiration behind my success is my greed to do different things all the time.

rajivhtc: What kind of spiritual interests do you pursue? Do you have a regimen of daily worship?
Milind_Soman: No. I don't believe in God.

rajendrabhai: Which do you think was your best (effective) advertisement assignment from advertising success point of view?
Milind_Soman: I don't know! I think they were all pretty successful.

rajivhtc: You never believed in God or is it due to something that happened in your life?
Milind_Soman: I don't think I have ever believed in God.

nsarbeswar: Film stars are celebrities and well known. But they are not doing enough for the society. Do you have any major plan?
Milind_Soman: Everybody does what they think they can do. No more and no less.

rajendrabhai: It was nice to chat and learn of your intellectual richness in the responses. However one suggestion. Please bring more expressions in your acting.
Milind_Soman: I am trying...

laughingbuddha: There have been quite a few films in recent times where sex has been brought out of the closet. Most recent being Mumbai Matinee. Do you think Bollywood is growing up?
Milind_Soman: I think Bollywood is growing up to the audience.

First Published: Oct 03, 2003 17:30 IST