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Ajay Devgan calls truce

After requests and reassurances, Ajay Devgan has finally dubbed for Anubhav Sinha's Cash. Hiren Kotwani tells more.
None | By Hiren Kotwani
UPDATED ON JUL 05, 2007 07:21 PM IST

Finally the Cash crunch seems to be easing. The tussle between original producer Sohail Maklai and director Anubhav Sinha with his partners Infinity Films still continues in the courts.

But a major hurdle seems to have been overcome vis-a-vis the film’s release. According to a source, Ajay Devgan has finally relented to dub for the movie. He finished half of it on Wednesday afternoon. He’ll complete the remaining part on Thursday.

Reportedly, Devgan was very upset with the film’s promos which did not have the name of Sohail Maklai. Devgan had agreed to act in the film only for Maklai, who’s a close friend.

Consequently, he refused to be connected with Cash until Maklai was given his due credit. When Sinha filmed some patchwork shots and songs for Cash, Devgan is believed to have declined from participating in the shoot. It’s also alleged that Sinha used a body double for the actor.

When Devgan learnt about this, he wrote to the Cine and Television Artistes Association to register his complaint against the director. The source informed that a couple of days ago, Sinha had gone along with Sunil Saglia of Infinity to meet Devgan to sort out the differences.

The source continues, “That was very essential as he still had to dub his portions. After a lot of requesting and reasoning and assurances that everything would be sorted out as soon as possible, Ajay agreed to dub.”

Director Sinha said, “I never had any problems with Ajay. We got along well during the making of the film.”

However, about his recent meeting with the actor, he said, “Ajay’s an actor and I’m a director. So obviously, I met him. He has dubbed up to the interval. He’ll complete the rest of the dubbing in a day.”

Cash is scheduled to release on July 27. So everyone associated with the movie is hoping that all issues will be sorted out by then.

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