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Always have back up, says Anoushka

Have you guys ever lost things on your computer? My computer just crashed when I was two minutes away from completing my column, writes Anoushka Shankar.
Hindustan Times | By Anoushka Shankar
UPDATED ON MAY 22, 2009 05:30 PM IST

Drat blast it crap and hell!!! My computer just crashed when I was two minutes away from completing my column and it didn’t save! I’ve gotten so spoiled by the recovery option that since I was writing all in one go I didn’t bother to hit save. I know I should know better, but sometimes you just forget right? And that’s exactly when your mean little laptop decides to have some fun. So everyone, remember to save everything every five or ten minutes! You won’t be sorry.

Picture the poor HT City editorial team, waiting with bated breath at the last minute before going to print, while I sit here and frantically try to hit my 500-word limit. Where am I now? 123. Hmmm. Over 300 to go.

Have you guys ever lost things on your computer? I’m sure it’s something everyone can relate to nowadays. Once I was working on a piece of music, and had travelled to another city to record some guest musicians. On my way back to Delhi the security guard took my hard drive out of my backpack and asked what it was, before ceremoniously thumping it down onto the desk. My heart sank! As soon as I got home I connected the drive but sadly I had lost all the music I’d just recorded, not to mention everything else!

Have you lost homework? Papers you’ve written? Letters you wanted to save? Many years ago, if you all remember, email accounts with sites like Hotmail and Yahoo! Had much lower limits on the size of each person’s account. Hotmail was a measly 2MB for many years! When I was twenty-one, and on holiday in Thailand, some people sent me large photo files that pushed my account over the limit.

I wasn’t going online on holiday so I failed to see Hotmail’s warning email, and after seven days they deleted every single message in my account! Can you imagine? That was the account I used with all my family and friends, and I had been writing emails back and forth with my boyfriend for many months while I was on tour. So I lost every love-letter, every birthday card, every sweet thing anyone had ever written to me over the previous few years! Imagine if I hadn’t kept procrastinating on backing things up!

I’m at 388 words. Almost there people! Quickly, a few responses to people who’ve responded to my columns recently. Jerry, I’m so glad you liked the concert! Gargi, I’m sorry to hear about the awkward things you’ve gone through. Your father sounds lovely, and I’m glad my column topics have helped you in some way. Mr Goudezeune, I appreciate hearing from a Frenchman living in Delhi that you thought my comments on racism in India were on the mark. Nandita, I agree that we should have uniform, higher ticket prices at museums and landmarks, with perhaps discounts for children, students, and the elderly.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Until next week. 500 words! SAVE.

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