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Amrita Arora chat

Being Malaika Arora's kid sister helps. Ask Amrita Arora. A fairly popular MTV veejay, she debuted in Kitne Door Kitne Paas with Fardeen Khan. Though the film bombed, her next release Awara Pagal Deewana was a hit and she was noticed. Now, Ek Aur Ek Gyaraah is also said to be doing well. Read transcript of a chat with the actress on April 9.

india Updated: Apr 09, 2003 15:07 IST

rohit: I saw Ek Aur Ek Gyaraah and it's amazingly funny! My three hours were just spent laughing! You did really well! I think it will be the first mega-hit of this year. How was it to do a comedy film? Does it come naturally to you?
Amrita Arora: Hey Rohit, I am really happy you liked the movie. Thanks for the compliment, all types of roles come pretty naturally to me!

yogi28us: How do you feel when you see your elder sister as your competitor?
Amrita Arora: She is not my competitor, she is my sister!

raman: Do you think you would have done a better job than Mandira Bedi at Extraa Innings?
Amrita Arora: That's a googly... I don't think I would have taken the offer as I am neither a huge fan nor am I cricket savvy!

harish: There was a rumor that you are going to be in three Subhash Ghai movies. Is it true?
Amrita Arora: Yes, I have been signed for Mukta Arts banner for three movies but the other two have yet to come on the floor.

casonova_jai: Who's your role model?
Amrita Arora: My mother has always been my role model, but there are many people I admire, like my sister.

bhaveshk: Which is your favourite song in the movie Ek Aur Ek ...?
Amrita Arora: All the songs are great but Jogiya holds a special place in my heart.

natasha: What do you think about the Salman Khan vs. Vivek Oberoi arguments?
Amrita Arora: I do not like to get into anything that does not concern me.

sheikh: Disclose something about Ek Aur Ek Gyaraah?
Amrita Arora: Go see the movie and see why David Dhawan is considered the king of comedy... you will love it!

bhaveshk: What will be your dream role if given a choice?
Amrita Arora: A role made just with me in mind where I can showcase a whole range of emotions and my acting ability.

laughingbuddha: Was acting a seriously thought career option or it just happened, as many in Bollywood say?
Amrita Arora: No way. I always wanted to get into this profession, but waited till the time was right.

gagandeep: Which all movies are you working on now? Which is the immediate next?
Amrita Arora: Next is Sharth with Tusshar Kapoor releasing around the first week of May and then a movie with Dino Morea and another movie being made by Tanuja Chandra.

laughingbuddha: How come no one in Bollywood is opposing the War?
Amrita Arora: Who says so? Everyone hates war, but if our Government is silent about it who are we, mere mortals, to take a stand on it? Will anyone listen?

mukul: What keeps you so energetic always? We have always seen you soooo vibrant and bubbly?
Amrita Arora: It's in my genes, honey! I love life and believe in living it 'queen-size'.

zubair: How do you maintain your body and fitness?
Amrita Arora: I eat right and work out as often as I can.

catchmeon: How was it working with your biggest crush, Sanjay?
Amrita Arora: At first it was a bit awkward but it became all right as the day progressed. Whew!

kajal: What is your pet name?
Amrita Arora: Just plain and simple 'AMU'.

jasjeet: What kind of roles do you look forward to doing? Will you be coming in as a "typical bhartiya nari in saree" in some movie in the future?
Amrita Arora: Depends on the kind of role I get to portray. Besides the saree is a beautiful garment. I am looking forward to doing varied types of roles which can showcase my talent.

comedian: Did anything REALLY funny or embarrassing happen behind the sets of Ek Aur Ek Gyaraah?
Amrita Arora: The movie itself was really funny so what more could I ask for? It was a laugh riot just shooting with Govinda and Sanju.

prash_chat: Given a choice would you be Saddam or Vajpayee or Bush?
Amrita Arora: None of them.

musicfan: We guys miss you a lot! Will you be VJing again?
Amrita Arora: I am touched to hear that. Films are a full-time job and I hardly get any time to do a lot of things I love to do. But VJing was a part of my past and I have moved on in life.

merawalacream: Why aren't candyfloss romance movies doing well in the box office? Do you think the Indian viewer is tired of the romance on screen?
Amrita Arora: Some of them have done well.

prash_chat: Why? Do you think all are bad or do you think none of them is good? (Bush, Saddam, Blair)
Amrita Arora: I am happy being me.

VIRDI1: Ek Aur Ek Gyaraah is a good math...
Amrita Arora: LOL!

First Published: Apr 07, 2003 13:03 IST