Anjana's first love!

Anjana Sukhani, on her bitter love memories and more...

india Updated: Apr 11, 2006 13:17 IST

Anjana Sukhani, who shot to fame with the coke ad with Aamir Khan, talks about bitter love memories, films and more.

Why is it that you are known as the Coke-girl of the industry?
I have a done number of commercials but the one, which brought me into limelight, was the one with Aamir Khan in the Coke ad. I must say that it was this ad, which earned me so much of recognition. I was flooded with film offers after this advertisement.

Your debut film Hum Dum left no impression on the box office. So what is happening for you on the film front?
That was just the beginning. Now I have some good films in hand, which I am working in and hopefully they will do well for my career. I have films like Jana and Sun Zara, which have simple but worthwhile roles.

Is it true that you have had a very bad experience in love?
It's true but I don't want to talk about it now. I can only say that it has made me strong and now I am moved out of it. He has married Shefali Zariwala, and even before marriage, I never believe in holding on to him. But as that was my first love, it always has a special memory for me.

So, are you still looking for someone?
Oh, yes, why not. That was not end of the world for me. It happens to everyone and I believe life does move on. I have not got anyone yet but definitely I am looking for someone good and special for me.

First Published: Apr 11, 2006 13:17 IST