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Are you a good partner-in-crime?

Take our quiz to see how you rate as the other half.

india Updated: Apr 04, 2010, 01:58 IST
Hindustan Times

Whether you’re a wingman, best friend, or knot-tied, there’s a real skill to having someone’s back. In the new comedy Date Night, that releases on April 9, starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey, ordinary couple Phil and Claire’s until-death-do-us-part-ness is put to the test when taking someone’s reservation becomes a case of mistaken identity. Can they stick together through it all? Could you? Take our quiz to see how you rate as the other half.

1.You’re at a trendy restaurant and can’t get a table. A couple hasn’t claimed their reservation so your partner calls out that you’re them. You:
a) Jump in and pretend you’re a “Tripplehorn”.
b) Suggest you guys go elsewhere so you don’t have the mob on your ass.
c) Turn him/her into Liar.

2.Your significant other is flirting with someone else. Do you:
a) Join in on the flirting too. Threesome anyone?
b) Let him/her know it bugs.
c) Become a rage-a-holic and high tail it out of there.

3. Your partner had an idea that didn’t work and got you both into trouble. You…
a) Love trouble. More mistakes mean may mean unexpected fun.
b) Offer new ideas to get you out of trouble.
c) Explode like a cartoon head. From now on it’s your way or no way.

4. Your wallet got stolen so your partner approaches a couple for money.
a) You fake “helpless” and a limp.
b) You don’t love the idea but you stand by.
c) Are you nuts?! You skedaddle, leaving him/her to beg alone.

5. According to your partner you do everything “wrong”. You:
a) Agree with that. You suck.
b) Point out that you want to be trusted.
c) Purposely do things wrong just to irritate him/her.

6. You’re not comfortable dancing but it’s important to your partner that you do.
a) You do it, embarrassing yourself and the concept of dance itself.
b) You give it a shot, maybe it’s just been a long time.
c) No chance buddy, even if our lives depended on it.

7. Your idea of making things fun is:
a) Doing whatever your partner wants.
b) A new activity where you get to know each other better. Awww.
c) Car chases and gun play.

8. The GPS system gives directions but your pal takes a short cut instead.
a) Anyone knows more than a machine. Duh.
b) Cool. Maybe you’ll check out new scenery.
c) Idiot just wrecked the night.

9. You see other couples breaking up around you.
a) That’s them. We’re different.
b) You talk about it before things go there.
c) Sweet! An excuse to break up. Just kidding.

10. At a party together…
a) You’re glued to each others side all night long.
b) Spend time on your own.
c) Lose him/her asap, get wasted, and meet up for the ride home.

Rate yourself?
For every “a”, give yourself 1 point.
For every “b”, give yourself 2 points.
For every “c”, give yourself 3 points.

If you scored 10-14, Yeah, you’re a blast to hang out with and wouldn’t dare let anyone down.But you’ve got to be careful that you’re not just the entertainment.Being a stellar partner in crime isn’t just doing whatever the other person wants.It’s a balance of easy going and participating too.Strap on your own identity and you’ll still have fun.

If you scored 15-24. You’re an A-List Partner in Crime. You know how to be there for the other person and let them have their own life at the same time. This is great for the relationship because you can be free too and still be part of a down to earth, fun loving, sexy team.

If you scored 25-30. Give the resentment a rest. Looks like you’re a handful and may have lost your sense of fun.Being there doesn’t mean doing things only your bossy way.It means letting your pal know what you need and trusting them to pick up their own slack.Then you can get back to why you signed up as their partner in crime in the first place.

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