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Astro fundas to hook Miss Right

If your heartthrob happens to be an Aries girl, just forget about the niceties of courtship and adopt a direct approach. You can look her in the eye and say that you like her.

india Updated: May 05, 2006 00:09 IST

Looking for the right gal? Your heart yearns for companionship? You are sincere but a little apprehensive that you may be spurned? Well! astrology can help you in handling the subtleties of your relationships.

If your heartthrob happens to be an Aries girl, just forget about the niceties of courtship and adopt a direct approach. You can look her in the eye and say that you like her. She won't take offence at the straight talk. But, for God's sake, don't just sit there swooning. Move along and take her with you to the most hip and happening place in the city -- discos, dance clubs et al! Let there never be a dull moment for she likes fun frolic and action.

With a Taurus girl you need perseverance. She is an earthy girl and won't be pushed into making any decisions on the spur of the moment. She won't be swayed by love alone for she understands the importance of money in life. Just act sober, dress up in quality clothes and ensure that your outings are classy albeit conventional. Flaunt money if you will, but in style. And let her take her own time in coming to any conclusion. Don't ever try to push her.

Miss Gemini prefers small talk and style! If you are a glib talker you will certainly make a mark on her. But pep up your general knowledge first for you must be able to talk on any topic under the sun, even gossip. She loves novelty so dress up in latest fashion. And while in her company remember that variety is the spice of life. So never take her to the same place twice when you go on outings. And you shouldn't take offence if she flirts a little with other boys for it is just in good faith -- it is but natural for her to do so. She likes gimmicks so keep her in good humour. Gifts of quality perfume, charms and jewellery will always please her.

Adopt subtle approach if you are dealing with a Cancer girl. Timid by nature she is easily intimidated by the slightest show of aggressiveness. So adopt a genteel way. Remember the olden days when people used to write love letters. Well you will find her game to it. Try e-mail for a change. And you can even pen a poem or two in her honour if you have got that literary magic wand. Confide in her your weaknesses. Let her feel protective towards you. It will boost her confidence and she will love you all the more for it.

Nothing but the best will woo a Leo girl. So be your majestic best and ready to dare. Take her to the best places in town, gift her something expensive and luxurious. She has this inborn characteristic to be the centre of attraction at any party. So let her steal the thunder even at your own expense. Flatter her for she will love you for it.

Reassure Miss Virgo time and again of your love to boost her confidence. And don't be put off if she is a little critical of you. Be ready to take up responsibility for everything you do and offer her your shoulders to cry on if she so desires and the two of you might hit it off to the top of the world. For Miss Virgo certainly knows how to enjoy good time.

You must act suave and sophisticated to pull at the heart strings of Miss Libra. She is more level-headed than you thought and certainly more refined. Being intelligent she is naturally more attracted by bright and immaculate persons. So don't show your uncouth side to her, ever. To have a harmonious relationship with her you must develop a pleasant and agreeable personality.

Don't fool around with Miss Scorpio unless you are serious in your relationship. For she is extremely possessive and guards her love jealously. Being totally devoted herself; she expects similar devotion from her partner too. While she can sacrifice everything for the sake of love, she will never forgive you if you ever cheat on her. Yes, Miss Scorpio doesn't forget or forgive! But she can be very sincere in love!

Miss Sagittarius certainly knows her way around. She can be very sociable -- to the extent of being a flirt -- but she can even keep you at an arms length if she doesn't like you. She is independent, fun-loving and outdoor type of girl so arrange group outings with fun-loving friends; go to some farm house, hill resorts or sea beach. Dress in casuals, sportswear or safari and always be full of vigour. There is one sure way of wooing the Sagittarian girl. Whet her ego. Praise her for her efficiency and skill and you have as good as found your mark!

Act mature if you want to woo a Capricorn girl. Not for her the tomboyish charm of Beckham or Saif Ali Khan. She is more attracted to the fatherly figure of 'maturer' men. She is ambitious and believes in the practical side of life. You can't impress her with show off. She wants a person who is well of and can provide her security. In fact this 'material girl' wants a 'material man'.

An Aquarius girl is a very social person and an unconventional one at that. Nobody can take her for granted. She likes surprises and is attracted to the extraordinary! There are no set norms for wooing an Aquarius girl. However, if you have a streak of ingenuity and prove yourself to be an invigorating companion you stand a chance with Miss Aquarius.

A romantic to the core Miss Pisces can't resist an affectionate approach. Lilting music, diffused lighting, candlelight dinner and moonlight romance is their idea of fun. A party lover she is not averse to an occasional drink and can get high on mere assurances of love. But, mind you, she is hyper sensitive and can get swayed by emotional extremes. And she can easily mistake a friendly gesture for a much deeper relationship. And gifts aren't a problem. For she even now loves Mills and Boone's, charms and amulets, and, of course, pearls and diamonds! So have your pick!
So, let us know when you find Miss Right and of course, treat her right!

First Published: May 05, 2006 00:09 IST