Bring back our Bapu

We may follow different paths to reach God but these different paths should not become reasons to give up our basic unity that is supreme above all these.

india Updated: Mar 03, 2006 12:23 IST

While searching for the Absolute Truth, Gandhiji reversed the words,“God is truth”,and declared that "Truth is God". He referred to humans as "sparks of life", the sum total of which is God. We may follow different paths to reach that common goal but these different paths should in no way become reasons to give up our basic unity that is supreme above all these.

Gandhiji banished all thoughts of religious superiority by saying, "We must not, like the frog in the well, think that our religion alone represents the whole truth and all others are false." So if a Sikh or a Hindu deprives himself of the best in the Quran and a Muslim is unaware of the jewels that lie in the Hindu and Sikh scriptures, both have denied themselves the right to an enriched and enlightened life. While finding our own truth in differ ent faiths, worshipping in different shrines, addressing God by different names, we must not allow our differences to take over the basic universal religion of humanity. To enable this, Gandhiji asked all cultured young men and women to make it their duty to read the scriptures of the world.

But it seems we have forgotten our own Mahatma.

India has become a country that can be turned into a communal inferno at the slightest provocation by people with heinous motives. Or else one would not have witnessed the worst kind of state sponsored barbarism in Gujarat nor would terrorist organisations like Lashkar-e -Toiba succeed in imposing jehadi thoughts on the minds of some gullible Kashmiris, resulting in a disaster like 29/10 which further branded Islam a religion of militants.

We must re-establish the traditional Indian philosophy of Sarva Dharma Sambhav, which Bapu actively propagated and practised. Shouldn't our educational policy makers immediately make Gandhian studies compulsory in the syllabus from Class I to PG and let morning prayers in all schools begin with Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram/Ishwar-Allah Tero Naam? This will be redemption of the debt that the nation owes the Mahatma.

First Published: Mar 03, 2006 12:23 IST