Burmese teak gets a gilded edge

?I have recreated the magic of the bygone era with intricate inlay work of gold and precious stones on the best Burma teakwood.?

india Updated: Feb 11, 2004 18:17 IST

It was quite a change from industrial and fashion photography to interior designing, but Ashok Kochhar believes he has a natural knack for it. Kochhar launched his company, the Fourth Dimension a year ago in a bid to create furniture that is seen more as a companion even though it was inspired by the Russian and European kings from 1880-1910 aptly named the Kings Collection.

Recently Kochhar held his first exhibition at Taj Palace where he proved that you could be extravagant even with furniture. Forget the 24 K gold and silver gilding on furniture, you also had pieces that were studded with semi-precious stones ranging from rubies to sapphires. Ornamental mirrors, hat-stand inspired by the times of William IV, a stylish meditation room that guarantees harmony of the five senses, sculpted pedestal, study tables inspired by Victorian rosewood writing tables are just a few of the elegant pieces displayed by Kochhar.

“We have recreated the magic of the bygone era with the intricate inlay work of gilded gold and precious stones, in a bid to resurrect the royal ambience. I have used the best Burma teakwood and the collection with the theme of Victorian era comes after a lot of research and market survey. I realised there were buyers who appreciate opulence and over- the-top designs,” says Kochhar.
The reason for using semi-precious stones was to use things that are unique and not in competition , though it was an uphill task to find artisans who could create masterpieces.

Interestingly Kochhar has never been to design school but believes you can’t study creativity either you have it or you don’t though it was his love for photography that taught him the nuances of visual art-work. “Photography is a passion and I’m never going to give it up after having worked as a freelancer for over 10 years. Now I’m working on a collection of photos capturing the beauty of cactus and also scouting around for a place to set up my exclusive showroom,” concludes Kochhar.

First Published: Feb 11, 2004 14:07 IST