Cardamom helps cure nausea

Several home remedies can be administered for relief from nausea.

india Updated: Nov 03, 2006 19:35 IST

Nausea makes not only the affected but also others around disgusted. To overcome the sickness several handy home remedies can be administered for instant relief.

Well ground powder of half a gram to one gram of fried seeds of cardamoms (illachi) with honey is effective in curing vomiting tendency. In case of children the quantity should be reduced to just one to two cardamom seeds.

Vomiting causes much loss of water from body. A well known home remedy for this is lemon juice since it retards nausea as well as supplements water content in the system.

Five to ten ml of lemon juice with water and a pinch of salt should be administered to children suffering from vomiting or five-ml lime juice mixed with sugar can be given at intervals of an hour or so.

Adults can opt for the juice by adding one lemon in 250 ml of water and 25 gram of sugar. One to three grams of chebulic myrobalan (harad) powder with one teaspoon of honey is also effective.

Vomiting is mainly caused due to indigestion or the system finding some foreign particle unsuitable.

First Published: Oct 28, 2006 12:23 IST