Cartoon row: Much ado about nothing
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Cartoon row: Much ado about nothing

Most are horrified to see the extent to which religion could be exploited.

india Updated: Feb 22, 2006 15:35 IST

The story of a cleric issuing a fatwa against the Danish cartoonist has been panned by our surfers.

Just about everybody, many Muslims included, wrote in to say what a dumb act it was. Most suggested strict judicial actionshould be taken against the concerned cleric.

This comes few days after a UP minister announced Rs 51 crorefor the head of the said cartoonist.

Sam from Dundee, UK was clear the cleric ought to be tried in a court of law. He added that India's image was getting tarnished from all this.

He said, "This Qazi must be tried for asking for the death of a person without proper trial. The minister who offers a bounty for the cartoonist's head must also be tried. Such people are causing enormous damage to India's international image."

Saleem Zahid Khan from Ohio, US was one such concerned Muslim who thought that the religion had been hijacked by a few. He thought Muslims world over, and particularly in India, need to be jolted out of their consciousness.

"I'm shamed of this stupid fatwa issued by a so-called Muslim court. I call on all my Muslim brothers and sisters to condemn such stupidity by some Indian Muslims. India is a secular country and there is only one law and that is, the Constitution of India. Let us not forget that we are Indians first and then Muslims.

The whole world is looking at Islam in a very negative light due to all these silly riots over cartoons. What about issues such as poverty, illiteracy and violence against Muslim women? The rest of the world is progressing and we, Muslims, are living in 8th century."

As an outsider, Anjana wondered how religion could be exploited to such an extent. But she felt confident educated Muslims would rise to the occasion.

"It's quite strange that the issue of Prophet Mohammad's cartoons has been so exploited and nobody is coming up against it. So many people have been unnecessarily killed.

I am quite sure that educated Muslim community doesn't really want this. I would like to plead to those people to come up and have their say."

Romesh Khardori from Illinois, US thought there was a serious case against the cleric and felt he ought to be tried for murder.

"Those who have issued the fatwa should be tried for 'inciting a murder'. These real life cartoons need to learn that world has changed and threats to kill should not be made, no matter what the pretext."

Forget the unlettered cleric, what about the UP minister?

MK Sinha from US felt it was rather strange to see persons of position and social stature such as a minister had made such an irresponsible comment. He ought to have resigned immediately, he added.

"If a minister announces death threat to anyone, he or she should be immediately asked to resign. It is unfortunate that Indian politicians tolerate this just to get some votes."

Increasingly religious heads will find the going tough from henceforth. Just about everybody is able to see through such acts, it seems.

First Published: Feb 22, 2006 14:12 IST