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Citizens against terror

As you see, your ideas and resolve to make India safe at both the neighbourhood and the national level are undiminished. ‘Anguish into Action’, says the nation in one indomitable voice. Keep sending in your suggestions (please do not exceed a 100 words) to: or log on to or

india Updated: Dec 08, 2008 00:21 IST

As you see below, your ideas and resolve to make India safe at both the neighbourhood and the national level are undiminished. A wave of sincere feelings, and more importantly, practical suggestions for ensuring this is engulfing our mailboxes. ‘Anguish into Action’ , says the nation in one indomitable voice. Keep sending in your suggestions (please do not exceed a 100 words) to: or log on to or to upload it

1 All published suggestions will be vetted by a committee of experts to be announced next week.
2 The expert committee will shortlist the best suggestions
3 The suggestions will be submitted to the government as a citizens’ charter
4 If your suggestion is among those submitted, you will be invited to a national television show to question our leaders

Some sort of training should be given to our youngsters in schools and colleges, so that they can face such situations. The most important thing in the present times is to begin socialising with each other. We are self-centred these days and hardly get the time or lack the sprit, to know each other. Let’s start loving our country.

Monica Arora

Military courts for terrorists:

Do not focus on Pakistan, fight Maoists in India.

Stop live TV while terror strikes are on.

Transfer cases against terrorists to military courts for judgment immediately to send a hard message to terrorists.

Suspend the Human Rights Commission until terror is well in control.

Immediately provide proper bulletproof jackets to our fighting men.

Give good salaries and insurance cover to the police to reduce bribes. Include Home Guards & PAC.

Stop highlighting whether Muslims or Hindus were killed in terror attacks.

Satish Agarwal

Remake leaders

The Constitution needs to be amended to make a minimum 51% of the votes cast needed to get elected. This may sound administratively difficult. We can make a start with municipal elections in a few select cities and gradually progress to Assembly elections and Parliament. A runoff can be held between the two leading candidates. No campaigning should be permitted between the first round and runoff. That way every candidate will be forced to address matters that concern more than 70% of a constituency. Gradually, we will have Indian leaders who will have to have the goodwill of the vast majority.

BA Hussain

Make your child hostage

All politicians should be made to send at least one child to armed forces otherwise they should not be eligible to contest.

Sarabjit Minhas

Series of reforming steps

Form a network of civil defense within residential areas so that each individual develops a sense of belonging and a co-operative attitude towards neighbours, and a sense of protectiveness and duty towards the locality itself. n From the locality it would flow outwards. Include strong liaison with the area police.

Compulsory duty in the Armed Forces: a two-year stint after school for everyone. The NCC can be scrapped and replaced by this.

Ban politicians with criminal records

Reduce security for politicians. Even their families have separate security. Secure the cities instead.

Compulsory education in government schools in villages.

Anila Bal

We will choose our own PM

Let the prime minister be elected directly by the whole country. Let there be negative voting allowed (to reduce the number of ‘Pappus’ who are fed up of the system and want to show their dislike towards unsuitable, dishonest and inefficient candidates). A vigilance enquiry should be initiated against candidates getting the maximum negative votes. Change the Constitution to allow us to recall of inefficient/idle candidates and drag them to a suitable court/forum if they don’t fulfil their election promises.

Arun Kumar Varshney

Catch ‘em Napping

Surprise covert checks of security systems of different agencies at different levels as a regular exercise.

Surendara Laharia

A policeman speaks

As the first Director General of Police, Chhatisgarh, now retired, I have some suggestions:

The law/order and investigative wings be separated immediately as per National Police Commission advice.

Mock battle exercises like simulated terror strikes must be organised in a surprise manner by these NSG outfits regularly.

Political interference in day-today working of the Police must abate.

The vulnerable and vital installations in the country must be provided with impregnable security cover.

SM Shukla

More commandos for the people

Set up more NSG bases in the country, thus enabling more rapid response. Thereafter, use such elite NSG as well as other Commando forces, only for the purpose for which they were created. It is shameful to see them providing status symbols for undeserving politicians. It is the duty of the political class to ensure conditions where they can move without oppressive security, otherwise stay away from elections.

Jyoti Maini

Fight corruption to fight terror

To fight terror, please fight with corruption, as terrorism is directly proportional to the level of corruption.

Chandra Prakash Jain

Dissolve weak intelligence agencies

Create an agency with intelligence to sniff out threat and muscle to liquidate it without depending on some other agency. Dissolve agencies that boast of warning other agencies after terror strikes. We can do without an agency that reports threat and sits on it without doing anything. It’s the business of our neighbours to breed terror. Instead of shouting hoarse about it, our intelligence agencies should ensure they stay put across the border. Let us ensure that not even a fly can cross the border without the knowledge of the security agencies.
manoranjan doley

Pep up governance

Poor governance (and its concomitants: corruption, nepotism, favouritism, religion, caste, vote bank politics) is the mother of all our ills. Terrorist attack, failure of the intelligence agencies to alert the administration in time, terrorists’ easy entry into Mumbai, massive confusion as to who was in charge of the situation, rescue and relief operations, NSG commandos arriving nine hours after the attack because of non-availability of aircraft, total collapse of coordination between different agencies, administration’s repeated failures in tackling terrorism in general and Mumbai attack in particular, one and all, can be ascribed to poor governance. Pep up governance

RJ Khurana

First Published: Dec 07, 2008 23:47 IST