Curd.. not paneer

Looking for a deit plan. Suchita Thacker on your health queries.
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Updated on Feb 23, 2009 03:35 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | BySuchita Thacker, Mumbai

My colleague is anaeamic.. what should she include in her diet?
She should consume iron-rich foods like poha, rajgira, bajra, soyabean and roasted chana. Also, include leafy vegetables like methi and palak. Certain nuts like til, garden cress seeds (halim), dried dates, groundnuts along with eggs and jaggery can help.

I exercise regularly.. should I consider having protein shakes?
No, we don’t recommend protein shakes unless prescribed by a doctor or dietician. Eat frequently. Five small meals a day are advisable.

What’s a good diet for healthy hair?
Proteins can help prevent hair fall. Eat a balanced meal, which includes daals and pulses. Eggs and chicken too are good sources of proteins.

Should I eat paneer if I am trying to lose weight?
I prefer skimmed milk or curd to paneer. Paneer, if deep-fried or cooked in butter, can do more harm than good. We generally recommend that paneer should be avoided.

I’m a 55-year-old man weighing 95 kgs. My height is 5 feet 8 inches . Am I overweight? Should fruits be eaten before or after meals? Also, is it advisable to have milk and butter?

I would recommend fruits in between your main meals.. lunch and dinner, instead of taking them immediately after a meal. Fruits are ideal for a mid-morning or a mid-evening snack. Keep an interval of two-three hours between each meal.

Curds or buttermilk could be a part of your meal and milk could be had with breakfast or before going to bed. To help you reduce weight, I would require a few details about how many calories you are consuming now, your level of physical activity, lifestyle, working conditions and health-related problems, if any.

I have a five-and-a-half-month-old daughter. What kind of diet should I start her on? Is it advisable to give her banana, apple, chikkoo, strawberry and mango milkshakes? Do these combinations (milk and seasonal fruits) act as cross foods or are they healthy for the baby?

Weaning food or supplementary food should be introduced, preferably from the sixth month. Fresh fruit juices or strained vegetable soups and moongpani can be given. Milkshakes can be given too when the baby turns eight months.

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