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DAVV drama continues

HIGH DRAMA in the Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalya (DAVV) continued with allegations flying thick and fast from both the sides supporting the principal combatants viz, Vice Chancellor (V-C) CS Chaddha and Registrar Parikshit Singh today.
None | By HT Correspondent, Indore
PUBLISHED ON JUL 28, 2006 01:04 AM IST

HIGH DRAMA in the Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalya (DAVV) continued with allegations flying thick and fast from both the sides supporting the principal combatants viz, Vice Chancellor (V-C) CS Chaddha and Registrar Parikshit Singh today.

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) launched a signature campaign demanding imposition of Section-52 and removal of the VC while Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya Teachers Association (DAVTA) came out in support of the VC and wore black ribbons to work protesting any move to impose Section-52.

ABVP after coming out with a 30- point list of allegations against the V-C in a press conference yesterday demanded Chaddha’s removal and imposition of Section- 52 of the Universities Act and started a signature campaign to support their cause.

The campaign held with the main objective of bringing the irregularities committed during the reign of Chaddha in the notice of common students studying under the glamour of the four-star status of the university.

The activists prepared caricatures of Chaddha and his coterie of supporters lambasting them over their functioning and got signed a petition from students of Vaishnav Polytechnic College under the first phase of the campaign to be extended to all colleges under the purview of the university.

ABVP Spokesman Vikas Dubey and city general secretary Kamlesh Vaishnav alleged that throughout his two-year tenure Chaddha had openly flouted the Act, Statute and Regulations and committed financial, administrative and academic irregularities by illegally appointing his dear ones (Rector) Sudhakar Bharti, (IIPS Director) PN Mishra and (Deputy Registrar) Manoj Tiwari on key posts.

He convened meetings on his own calling. He overruled the directives of the State government and Raj Bhawan on several occasions like appointing retired personnel and fixing their reimbursement and holding interviews for the post of director in the controversial School of Pharmacy. He started construction activities at the university campus, Khandwa Road in the dozens and committed financial irregularities in the constructions by constituting the sanctioning committee in violation of norms and the tenders were accepted at 40 percent more than the prevalent rates in the municipal corporation, Public Works Department (PWD) and other organisations.

Similarly, large-scale corruption was evident in the purchase of books, equipment and projector system. Furthermore, Chadha had himself acceded the works in the university to be on the verge of closure by calling an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee (EC). The acts committed by the V-C and his coterie of confidants openly violated Section 15 (2) of the Universities Act thus inviting imposition of Section –52.

Rector Dr Sudhakar Bharti who is also the official spokesman of the university point wise denied all the allegations, saying there was no kind of corruption in the university.

He said the bone of contention was the Statute-III, which was being quoted by the Registrar; however, it said “Registrar will maintain accounts” and nowhere is it written that Head of Departments cannot maintain separate accounts while having one central account. As per notification-23 issued in 1992 the duty of HoDs was to recover fee, maintain savings accounts and deposit large sums as Fixed Deposits. The HoDs are authorised to sanction up to Rs 25,000, Registrar up to Rs one lakh, V-C above Rs one lakh and the EC above Rs two lakhs.

The University was maintaining 35 separate accounts since 1992 under the heads of DAVV-IIPS, DAVV-IET, DAVV-IMS and the likes in accordance to the provisions stated in the Financial Act, which says about power delegation.  The accounts maintained by the department are tabulated and stated in the annual budget section-III.

The construction works are given by inviting tenders in between a list of pre-qualified engineer prepared by CAT and
PWD/CPWD engineers. The contracts are given to those presenting the least ender quotation, which is further negotiated upon.

The Statute-33 does not say that more number of members cannot be invited on the sanctioning committee above three, five or seven. He said the appointments objected to were made on the express sanction of the Chancellor who assigned their duties.
Meanwhile, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Teachers Association (DAVTA) following their announcement made at the time of submitting a memorandum yesterday wore black ribbons to work today.

Protesting any move of imposing section –52 in the university they gave three-day ultimatum to remove the Registrar (whom they consider responsible for the present imbroglio) from his post.

They threatened to start a phase wise agitation if their demand was not conceded. DAVTA president Dr S Patil, vice president Dr VB Gupta and others said that their demand for the transfer of the Registrar was made in order to save the reputation of teachers and university alike.

They also made a request for regular pay-scale to contractual teachers in the university. Dr RA Sherry of Guru Gobind Singh International Study Circle also demanded that section-52 not be imposed in the university as this was the first time a VC had started works to change the very face of the university bringing it to the standard a four-star university deserved.

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